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How long is Resident Evil Village?

Find out how long it’ll take you to see everything in Resident Evil Village

Not sure how long it’ll take to beat Resident Evil Village? Making your way through the Lycan-infested village isn’t going to be easy – fortunately we’ve got a Resident Evil Village boss guide to help you survive. It’s also worth reading our Resident Evil Village Labyrinth ball locations guide to pick up some extra treasure along your journey.

There’s so much to do in Resident Evil Village, including collecting all of the Goats of Warding, unlocking all the weapon upgrades, and hunting down ingredients for recipes. Despite all of this content, the Resident Evil games have always drawn the attention of speedrunners who are looking for a new challenge. Resident Evil Village even has an achievement for players who manage to beat the game in under three hours.

We’ve played through the game a number of times here at PCGamesN, not only for our Resident Evil Village review but also for our plethora of guides, so we have a good idea how long it’s likely to take you to complete. Here’s how long it’ll take you to beat Resident Evil Village on your first playthrough.


An average first playthrough of Resident Evil Village should take anywhere between 10-14 hours. It’s important to note that the in-game timer that appears at the end of the game isn’t indicative of how long you’ve spent playing the game. The in-game timer doesn’t take into account cutscenes or reloaded saves from deaths. The timer might say you finished the game in seven hours, but your time spent in-game may be closer to ten hours.

Looking to collect everything in the game? You can tack on an extra three to four hours for that. Finding collectibles is much easier to do after finishing the game, as you have access to your inventory from the first playthrough.

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