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Silent Hill 2 remake, Silent Hill Townfall, and more are on the way

The Silent Hill 2 remake is now officially confirmed, with Layers of Fear and The Medium developer Bloober Team taking the lead, and it'll be coming to PC

Silent Hill 2 remake announcement: A man, James Sunderland, stands beneath the traffic lights in an intersection in a foggy, abandoned town

Confirming several sets of Silent Hill rumours, Konami has now confirmed that the Silent Hill 2 remake is currently in development by Polish studio Bloober Team, the developer of horror games like Layers of Fear and The Medium.

While the Silent Hill 2 is a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, it’s also going to be available on PC, Konami has confirmed. The Steam store page is live now.

You can watch the full video below:

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The presentation also included the announcement of Silent Hill: Townfall, a new title in the works from Annapurna Interactive and No Code, the developer of puzzle horror game Stories Untold and the sci-fi thriller Observation.

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Another Silent Hill movie is in the works as well, with the director of the 2006 film, Christophe Gans, taking directorial duties once again. In the presentation, Gans explains that he wants Silent Hill 2 to remain true to the source material, while at the same time surprising audiences with new interpretations of the iconic creature designs and visuals.

Silent Hill Ascension is something in between a film and a game – it’s an interactive experience, Konami says, that will involve live performances in which the audience can help decide the fates of the characters and the world, permanently altering the Silent Hill universe. Ascension goes live in 2023.

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Finally, the presentation wrapped up with a reveal of another new game in the series called Silent Hill f. The teaser for this game featured a schoolgirl making her way through a village in rural Japan as menacing tendrils of a red fungus entangle her arms and feet. It’s some striking imagery that wraps up on a shot reminiscent of the final scene of Midsommar, although the Silent Hill version is much darker and more macabre.

After a long wait, Silent Hill fans suddenly have a lot to look forward to. Check the Silent Hill 2 system requirements and see if your PC meets the minimum and recommended PC specs.