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Sons of the Forest katana location and how to get it

The Sons of the Forest katana can be difficult to locate, but good things in life don’t come easy, and this is one of the game’s best and most popular weapons.

Sons of the Forest katana location: The katana sits in a stand in the basement facility lounge

The Sons of the Forest katana is one of the hardest weapons to find, and not just because of the dangers you face along the way – as we discovered, it’s also in a pretty remote location. While most early-game items are located in the north-west of the island, the katana couldn’t be further away, so make sure you’re equipped for a long trek if you want this special weapon. Good news is, we found the katana, and we’re about to show you exactly where and how to get it.

The katana is a fan-favourite weapon in The Forest, the Sons of the Forest predecessor, and looks to be just as iconic in the sequel. Among the Sons of the Forest weapons that deal the most damage, the only downside of the katana is that it doesn’t block incoming attacks, but if you’re quick and wily it can be one of the most unstoppable tools in your arsenal. Before you head out to collect the Sons of the Forest katana, stock up on food, make sure you know how to get water in the survival game, and be sure to find the Sons of the Forest keycards – you’ve got a long journey ahead, and you don’t want to have to turn back.

Sons of the Forest katana location: The GPS tracker shows the location of the cave entrance

Sons of the Forest katana location

The Sons of the Forest katana is located in one of the only caves on the eastern side of the map, and with pretty much all other useful and key items located on the west, you’d better make sure you really want that katana before heading off.

If you’re still sure, then check you have the Maintenance Keycard to hand, as you won’t be able to get to the katana without it, and make your way to the cave entrance just east of the snow-capped mountains that dominate the centre of the Sons of the Forest map. More specifically, the cave is located to the west of a large lake, and is indicated on your GPS tracker by a green, pulsing marker.

The cave is easy to navigate at first, just follow the path until you reach an opening in the floor, which leads to a bunker. Inside, take a left and there is a locked door at the bottom of the stairs. Unlock the door with the maintenance key, and head down two more flights of stairs, stopping when you get to a yellow door and a cutscene. Upon the cutscene’s conclusion, head all the way to the end of the corridor, exploring any of the open rooms on your way if you wish, and head down the stairs at the end to Level 2.

Once you reach Level 2 in the underground bunker, the Sons of the Forest katana can be found in the second room to your right. Head on to the room with water spilling out of the door, and you can also pick up the Golden Armor, the best Sons of the Forest armor in the sandbox game. Together, these two items will make you almost invincible.

With that, you can head off in search of the most stylish and dangerous weapon in Endnight’s open-world game, potentially one of the best PC games of the year. With the Sons of the Forest katana in hand, you’re sure to dispatch any and all mutants who get in your way, and can work towards one of the multiple Sons of the Forest endings. That done, you can always drop back into the action with Sons of the Forest multiplayer – with the additional help, you could even give hard mode a try.