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How to use the Sons of the Forest sled

The Sons of the Forest sled is the fastest mode of transportation in Endnight’s survival game, but knowing how to get and use it isn’t quite so straightforward.

Sons of the Forest sled: The stranded protagonist of Endnight's survival game launches into the air aboard the sled, offering a stunning view of the forest below.

If you’re stumped on how to use the Sons of the Forest sled, we’ve got your back. The log sled was a staple of The Forest, so it’s no surprise that a version of this useful means of transport appears in the sequel – though it’s not exactly as fans of the previous game will recall.

The Sons of the Forest sled is undoubtedly useful when hiking over the mountains in the central portion of the Sons of the Forest map – with no fast travel available in the sandbox game, it’s the fastest way to travel. However, unlike the Sons of the Forest rebreather or modern axe, it isn’t just lying around waiting for you to find it. Here’s how to get the Sons of Forest sled in one of the best PC games of 2023.

How to use the sled in Sons of the Forest

You can craft the Sons of the Forest sled using the 3D printer in the same underground bunker that contains one of the Sons of the Forest keycards. It’s the most expensive item available from the 3D printer, costing a whopping 1000ml of printer resin to make.

Sons of the Forest sled: The laptop connected to the 3D printer with the sled displayed upon its screen along with its cost to craft in the sandbox game.

There’s enough printer resin lying around in the 3D printer room to craft the Sons of the Forest sled, but if you’ve already spent it on Sons of the Forest armor or grappling hooks for the Sons of the Forest rope gun, your best bet is seeking out other underground bunkers. Thankfully, the sled has infinite durability, meaning you never have to craft it again.

You can use the Sons of the Forest sled by selecting it from your inventory. Much like a real sled, you won’t get very far on it unless you’re on a steep enough incline. Once you’ve positioned yourself accordingly, hit both jump and left-click to board the sled and begin your descent. Just make sure to avoid any wayward trees or Sons of the Forest mutants when you’re moving at speed, as it could well spell your end.

Is the log sled in Sons of the Forest?

There is currently no log sled in Sons of the Forest, though this may change over the course of early access. The log sled used to be a firm favourite in Endnight’s previous survival horror game, since it allowed you to quickly and easily transport stacks of logs and other items over rough terrain to a new location. While the log sled would certainly come in handy for traversing the sequel’s substantially larger map, there’s been no word of Endnight’s plans to introduce it in a further update.

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