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How to get the rope gun in Sons of the Forest

Once you know how to get the Sons of the Forest rope gun, you can zipline across to new locations to retrieve the best tools and weapons, including the shotgun.

Sons of the Forest rope gun: The rope gun found in the cave in Endnight's cannibal sandbox game.

Unsure how to get the rope gun in Sons of the Forest? There are plenty of tools that make island living more enjoyable, and the rope gun allows you to use every Sons of the Forest zipline available. However, the path to the rope gun location is not for the faint of heart, and going in blindly may well spell your end.

The Sons of the Forest rope gun – otherwise known as the zipline gun – is located within a specific cave on the Sons of the Forest map, making it very easy to miss during your first playthrough of Endnight’s sandbox game. You’ll also need to stock up on the best Sons of the Forest weapons in your arsenal, since there are plenty of hostile enemies standing between you and your prize. Here’s how to get the Sons of the Forest rope gun and zipline in one of the best PC games of 2023.

Sons of the Forest rope gun: The entrance to the cave in which you can find the rope gun, displayed on the GPS tracker.

How to get the Sons of the Forest rope gun

The Sons of the Forest rope gun can be found in a cave on the west side of the map, equidistant from the mountains and the sea. It’s not too far away from one of the spawn points when starting a new game, so the amount of time it’ll take to reach it all comes down to luck.

The cave itself is indicated on your GPS tracker once you’re in the vicinity, but you can spot it in the undergrowth by the trail of ammunition boxes leading to its boarded-up entrance. Use a weapon to break through the wooden barricade, equip a light source of your choosing, and enter the cave.

There are mutants waiting within, but there’s also plenty of resources to gather if you take the time to dispatch them all – and you can potentially harvest their bodies to craft Sons of the Forest armor. Avoid the route lit by a floodlight to the right of the cave, and instead head to the left past the trail of workers’ corpses until you reach a Sluggy blocking the route ahead. Retrieve a time bomb from a nearby worker and throw it at the Sluggy to blow it to bits – being careful not to get caught in the blast – then proceed into another section filled with Sons of the Forest mutants.

Continue past the cave painting and suspended workers until the cave walls narrow to a small passageway. It’s a long and arduous trek to the Sons of the Forest rope gun location from here on out, but it’s also a straight line, so all you have to worry about is surviving the mutant babies along the way.

Sons of the Forest rope gun: The major fork in the cave system that'll lead you to the rope gun location in Endnight's survival horror game, characterised by ore and bone piles.

Eventually, you’ll reach a fork in the road. Take the left path scattered with bone piles and crawl through the small crevice in the rock wall. After that, keep to the right and pass through a cavern with a low ceiling and – you guessed it – more mutants. Once they’re dealt with, veer left just beyond the floodlight surrounded by stalagmites to reach the Sons of the Forest rope gun and zipline. Once you’ve retrieved it, feel free to zipline down from the rocky ledge to the cave’s exit.

Once you’ve found the rope gun, you need to know how to wield it, which might seem obvious – until you try to do it without the right components. With that, find out how to zipline in Sons of the Forest, and you’ll be zipping through the open-world game in no time.

That’s everything you need to get the Sons of the Forest rope gun and zipline. With the rope gun and Sons of the Forest rebreather in your inventory, you’ll be able to find the Sons of the Forest shovel, which is required to access the grave containing the shotgun. Remember to hydrate yourself after your excursion by learning how to get water in Sons of the Forest, or brush up on our guide to Sons of the Forest multiplayer if you rate your chances of survival with a friend in tow.