Spider-Man Miles Morales patch removes hilarious air horn sounds

The latest Spider-Man Miles Morales patch fixes a bug that was causing an air horn sound effect to play during dramatic cutscenes, and we're all poorer for it

Spider-man Miles Morales patch: Miles Morales wearing the Spider-man costume, hanging on a wall over a snow-covered New York City street

A new Spider-Man Miles Morales patch for the new PC edition has fixed a rather peculiar bug: apparently, some players were hearing an air horn sound effect play during certain cutscenes, creating comedy where there was supposed to be drama. Sadly, this has now been fixed in patch 1.1130.0.0 for the superhero game, which is now available on Steam and Epic.

A few players have commented to say that they didn’t realise the air horn was a bug – it came across as a rather effective goof. However, Insomniac apparently didn’t mean for these moments to be humorous, and have addressed the bug in the latest update.

Elsewhere, the patch restores missing audio from cutscenes and adds a game menu option that allows you to skip fast travel animation sequences. It adds some additional ray-tracing effects for glass surfaces, as well as improvements and fixes for shadows and reflections.

You can read the complete patch notes on Steam.

You can check the Spider-Man: Miles Morales system requirements to see if you’ve got the hardware necessary to turn on all those fancy ray-tracing effects. The PC edition of Miles Morales is also Steam Deck verified, so no worries there.