One of the best Star Wars games is free on Steam, but only for 48 hours

Star Wars: Squadrons free-to-play on Steam? Yes, but only if you're quick.

Star Wars Squadrons free to play on Steam? Only if you're quick

There are plenty of fantastic Star Wars games on PC, and now one of the best in recent years is free on Steam. Space sim Star Wars: Squadrons is indeed free-to-play as of now – but you better be quick, because it’s only for the next 48 hours.

Star Wars: Squadrons released in 2020 and was immediately lauded for being a fresh and enjoyable update of classic Star Wars sims like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and – erm – X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. Given that it’s also one of the only triple-A Star Wars games to be released by EA – and that a sequel probably isn’t coming anytime soon – it’s good that Squadrons exists.

Now anyone who doesn’t own Star Wars: Squadrons – and didn’t pick it up as part of an Amazon Prime Gaming deal in October – can now try the latest Star Wars space sim entirely for free on Steam (thanks VG247), although only for the next two days.

There is a trap, of course – it’s not free to keep. Instead, it’s merely free to try out for the next day or so as an extended demo – although you could possibly beat just the campaign in that time. If not, and if you want to keep Star Wars: Squadrons afterward, it’s currently 70% in the Steam Lunar Sale. Alternatively, you could hang on and hope the Epic Games Store gives it away for free – as it’s done before with EA’s Star Wars games.

Even though we probably won’t get a Squadrons 2, there is a lot of movement in Star Wars gaming right now – including LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finally coming out in April and the reveal that Respawn is working on three new games in a galaxy far, far away.