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Stardew Valley mod transforms your farm into a magic apothecary

A new magical, witch-y mod for ConcernedApe's cozy farming game Stardew Valley has just dropped, and it lets you play as an alchemist.

Purple-haired and bearded wizard wearing a black hat looks to the side

Stardew Valley is arguably the best farming game out there right now, featuring many of my favorite elements from its cozy aesthetic to its wholesome gameplay. While ConcernedApe’s pixel-art game is more than charming enough on its own, player-created mods make the already stunning game even more so. The Alchemist’s Apothecary is a new Stardew Valley mod that sees you become a cottagecore witch, gathering minerals and gems to craft all sorts of artisan goods.

There are few games out there that I have as many hours in as Stardew Valley and a big reason for this is how enchanting everything is. From the cute little Junimos bouncing about to the visits with the wizard, everything feels almost ethereal. If you also love games like Stardew Valley, then you’re really gonna love this mod. The Alchemist’s Apothecary is a mod that adds to Stardew’s whimsical vibes by letting you live out all your magical witchy dreams. Gather gems and bring them to your crystal ball to produce all sorts of things.

Pink and purple tables arranged to show off various goods made in the mod

You get to channel your inner Sailor Moon by making glamorous magic items, like lip gloss and perfume. The crystal ball itself is a brand-new crafting station added by the mod, and it’s your go-to spot as you step into the shoes of an alchemist. Every mineral and gem from the base game can be used for something with the mod, so you won’t have to fill your chests up with items you’ll never use. Grab the mod here now to start your own little Stardew Valley apothecary.

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