Pride may be over, but it’s just begun in Stardew Valley

This Stardew Valley mod brings Pride to your town, because you can never have enough dialogue in ConcernedApe's iconic farming game.

Stardew Valley stands as an eternal idol within the farming game community, and I love it. From its whimsical setting to its enchanting storyline, there is so much to enjoy that it’s genuinely hard to have under 100 hours in Stardew Valley. While I adore ConcernedApe’s base game as it is, pixel art charm and all, there’s no denying that mods can make the overall experience even more fun. One mod, Pride in the Valley, aims to bring more inclusive dialogue options to the game. Pride Month just wrapped up in June, so there’s no better time to bring it back than now with this mod.

One of my favorite things about Stardew Valley is its inclusion of diversity. You don’t have to be a straight white guy! I tend to play as a bisexual pink-haired gal myself, and I almost always marry a woman in games like Stardew Valley. Pride in the Valley amps up the diversity a tad bit, adding a bunch of dialogue to the town residents alluding to LGBT+ identities. The mod even comes with Pride as an event itself, with characters in-game referring to it as Pride Season!

A screenshot of Jan's new dialogue in the Stardew Valley Pride mod

You can expect more to come, though, as the creator behind the Pride-themed mod has updates in store. Some of these are listed alongside the mod and include “dozens of events and conversation topics, letters, quests, Easter eggs, custom items, schedule adjustments, more dialogue, vanilla event adjustments, and cross-compatibility with other fun mods.” You can bring Pride to your own Stardew Valley save by downloading the mod for free here.

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