Save anywhere in Stardew Valley using this mod

Saving with just the touch of a button, any time, any place

Sometimes, saving a game in Stardew Valley can be awkward, having to finish the day before you can safely turn it off. A new mod fixes all that, and it’s optimised for the latest version.

The aptly named ‘Save Anywhere’ mod was made by Aredjay, Omegasis, and CMiSSioN. To use it, you’ll need SMAPI, the Stardew Valley mod loader. Once you have that, download ‘Save Anywhere’, put its contents into wherever Stardew Valley/Mods exists on your harddrive, then load the farming game through SMAPI, and voila. You can press K to save quite literally anywhere, day or night, and if you open the config.json file that’s generated after you first use the mod, you can change the command to whatever you want.

Some players have reported bugs, like strange NPC behaviour, or some not loading at all. One player says their time and place was recorded, but progress not, and one comment talks about conflicts with another mod. It’s worth having a read through the posts tab on Nexus, where the modders welcome feedback, to be aware of the known issues, and what fixes are available.

This ties in neatly with another quality-of-life mod that lets you recover stamina through sitting down. They make exploring new regions, or riding around on Arvak from Skyrim, that much easier.

The massive Stardew Valley 1.5 update went live last December, adding, among many other things, beach farms, and splitscreen co-op for up to four players.