Tesla vehicles will get Stardew Valley in their holiday software update

Stardew Valley will be available along with a "sneak preview" of a full self-driving mode


Tesla is rolling out a holiday software update for its line of electric vehicles, and with it comes the adorably addictive farm life simulator Stardew Valley. The update will also offer what Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls a “sneak preview” of its upcoming full self-driving functionality, and perhaps Stardew Valley will help keep passengers occupied during their automated rides.

Musk tweeted the news Thursday evening. The brief tweet says simply that the holiday software update includes a “FSD sneak preview, Stardew Valley, Lost Backgammon & a few other things,” as CNET reports. It isn’t clear exactly what a ‘sneak preview’ is when it comes to self-driving cars, although as CNET notes, planned features for Tesla vehicles include recognition of stop signs and traffic lights (that’s an important one, I’d say).

CNET also notes that the FSD upgrade will cost existing Tesla owners another $7,000 USD (about £5,383) on top of whatever they’ve paid for their Tesla model. That makes the upgrade significantly more expensive than my car was, but hey, such is the cost of living on the bleeding edge of personal transportation technology.

Stardew Valley isn’t the first game to get ported to Tesla’s proprietary touchscreen interface. You can already play Fallout Shelter and Cuphead on the system, which will be particularly helpful should autonomous cars become the norm and you need something to occupy the time you’d normally have spent paying attention to where you’re going.

It’s also possible – although not yet confirmed or acknowledged – that Tesla’s could be ported into games, as some Rocket League fans have started a petition to include Musk’s newly-revealed Cybertruck in the game.