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Starfield’s best side mission is easily missed and basically Batman

This Starfield quest is basically a parody of Batman, but it's one of the best in the Bethesda game so far and has some great rewards for completing it.

Starfield Batman: batman in front of a neon drenched city

Starfield has a lot of content, so much that you’ll get lost in the hundreds of hours of Starfield missions and quests quite easily; I know I have. One side quest has stood out to me so far though after I decided to do it on a whim, and it looks like loads of early access players, who paid more to play before the Starfield release date, agree. It’s the Bethesda RPG game’s equivalent of Batman, and it has some stellar rewards.

Before diving into any major spoilers, here’s how you get the quest: loot every dead Spacer you see, as there’s a random chance one will drop the “Secret Outpost!” datapad that tells you to go to Denebola I-B for some great potential loot. I found the datapad really quickly after starting the game, but I’d recommend tackling this quest at level 15 or above, as I did.

Without explaining too much yet, you’ll actually get some really good Starfield armor and a Starfield spaceship for completing the quest, and it’s got a great narrative to go alongside it.

Spoilers for the Starfield Mantis side quest to follow.

Who would’ve guessed it, the Starfield universe has its own version of Batman. The secret outpost you find actually belonged to a bandit-killing space superhero called the Mantis, whose goal has been to strike fear into the hearts of the Crimson Fleet and criminal gangs in the hope of keeping the galaxy safe.

I absolutely loved this quest. Not just because of the rewards, either, but because it has that irreplaceable Bethesda charm. Of course, someone at Bethesda Game Studios loves Batman and, of course, they decided to put in a quest where you basically explore the Batcave.

Starfield batman: a spaceship in a space port in the middle of a sunny day

There are sentry robots, traps, a whole load of Spacers trying to find the loot, and a tragically touching story about a mother wanting to hand over her legacy to her son, with less-than-desirable results. Despite how I currently feel about Bethesda’s changed approach to exploration in Starfield, it’s quests like this that show how the team still wants to tell interesting stories off the beaten path, with great rewards for doing so.

We don’t need to worry about that though, as after fighting through the Spacers and robots we’re rewarded with the Razorleaf spaceship and Mantis spacesuit, helmet, and boost pack.

Starfield Batman: a man in a white spacesuit with a grey helmet

While the spacesuit isn’t reminiscent of Batman himself, the crime-fighting mantle and secret cave base scream The Dark Knight. Each of the spacesuit items even has three extra bonuses, as the spacesuit itself gives you 40 extra carrying capacity and even lets you turn invisible – Fallout stealth boy style – while crouched and not moving.

If Starfield has more and more quests like this hidden away I’ll be over the moon (I didn’t even mean to do that), but it might be luck of the draw considering how expansive the game is. I completed one quest recently where I just had to walk around the underside of New Atlantis and turn on electrical breakers, which was not filled with the sense of discovery I was hoping for.

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