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Starfield’s most popular mod is one you need to download right now

Starfield's most downloaded mod is an essential pick up for most players, especially if you don't have an AMD GPU and instead want some Nvidia upscaling help.

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It may have only been a couple of days, but you need Starfield’s most downloaded mod. With hundreds of Starfield mods set to pour in for the Bethesda RPG game over the coming days, weeks, and months, from goofy to incredibly useful there’s going to be a lot of modders vying for your time. With the full Starfield release date not even here though, there’s a clear frontrunner for the most downloaded mod, and it’s an incredibly useful one at that.

While one mod can already help you with Starfield’s carry weight problems, one mod aims to amend the Bethesda game’s most contentious launch issue. After datamines appeared to show that there would be no Starfield Nvidia DLSS support, that was proven at launch. Worry not though, as Starfield’s biggest mod fixes that already.

With over 100,000 downloads, the Starfield Upscaler mod from ‘PureDark’ is by far the most downloaded mod on NexusMods for Starfield. The next closest mod is Starfield Performance Optimizations at 36,000, and while that will undoubtedly also be useful, anyone without an AMD graphics card will want the Upscaler mod for sure.

DLSS is Nvidia’s own AI upscaling technology, which should make Starfield look even better at minimal cost to your PC’s performance. As Starfield only supports AMD’s version of the tech, you need this mod to access it if you have a non-AMD graphics card.

Basically, you can replace AMD’s FSR2 AI upscaling support with either Nvidia DLSS or Intel XeSS, depending on the graphics card you have. Do note that only DLSS 2 and not DLSS 3 is supported in the Starfield mod plugin, but it’s better for all you Nvidia users than nothing at all, that’s for sure. You also need to have an RTX card, with modder PureDark noting that XeSS might not be better than AMD’s FSR2 in some circumstances.

According to the options on the mod page, you can use auto exposure, sharpen the image, and go through some different presets before selecting either XeSS or DLSS.

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