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Solve Starfield’s carry weight problem with two easy steps

With all the in-game resources you'll exceed your Starfield carry weight very quickly, so here's a two step fix that lets you keep unlocking achievements.

Starfield carry weight: a close up of a young woman with dark hair

Is the Starfield carry weight limit keeping you down, especially with the abundance of resources you need to craft Starfield weapon mods, suit mods, and upgrade your outposts? If so, we’ve got the perfect combination of Starfield commands and mods to ensure that your time in the RPG game goes much smoother than you’d first think. With early access already here and the Starfield release date closing in, this will be a massive help.

Having put a lot of time into Starfield already, I’ve been heavily bogged down by busy work. I need to keep my inventory light to find resources and valuable items, so when it comes to using in-game resources for weapons, spacesuits, crafting, and outpost management, I typically don’t have what I’m looking for on me. This is where Starfield console commands come in.

Instead of seeing what resources you need and either going to your companion or ship inventory to get them and come back to the crafting station, you can use console commands to up your inventory space to whatever value you please. The only problem is that doing so disables your achievements.

After pressing either the Tilde (~) or At Sign (@) key – it was the At Sign on my keyboard – you’ll be met with the message “use of certain console commands will disable achievements.” Simply type in ‘player.setav carryweight 2000’ to set your weight as 2000, with any other number giving you the maximum carry weight you want as well.

Starfield carry weight: an in-game message that reads “use of certain console commands will disable achievements”

If Starfield had been out as long as Skyrim, this wouldn’t be a problem as you’d have all the achievements you wanted by now, but because Bethesda’s new RPG is just a couple of days old, you’ll want to keep racking up those achievements.

This is where a very simple but impactful Starfield mod also comes into play, as Priqrade’s Achievement Enabler does exactly what it says on the tin. It lets you use mods and console commands and still unlock achievements as you play. There are a couple of steps to downloading the mod and putting it in the right place to make sure you can still unlock achievements in Starfield, but at this early stage, it’s going to be a massive help.

With so many choices and opportunities to use resources to make valuable modifications to your weapons or Starfield armor, cutting out the middle man of avatar and spaceship inventory management so you can get right down to crafting with all those resources you’ve found is a great help. Especially when you can still earn all your achievements.

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