How to remove Starfield Bounty

Accidentally fired a round into an unarmed civilian? You'll want to know how to get rid of Starfield bounty before the cosmos cops get on your case.

How do you get rid of Starfield bounty? If you’re hoping to clear your name in the grand cosmos, you’re going to need to know where to direct your hard-earned credits. Rolling around the stars with a price on your head attracts attention, and the cost of being hunted or captured can quickly outweigh the economic hit of turning yourself in.

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How to get rid of Starfield Bounty

You can get yourself out of trouble by clearing your Starfield bounty manually. Just head to a Trackers Alliance Bounty Clearance Service machine and follow the prompts.

A terminal used to remove Starfield bounty.

Where can I get rid of Starfield Bounty?

You’ll find Trackers Alliance Bounty Clearance Service kiosks at various locations that typically fall outside the jurisdiction of specific factions. For example, you’ll find one by the mission board in Cydonia on Mars.

These can be a little tricky to spot initially, but you’ll soon learn to recognize their unique designs. Don’t get them mixed up with the navigation or trade kiosks you might see around large outposts like New Atlantis. If you’re in a race against the space police, making this error could cost you a lot more than what the kiosk might demand.

An example of how much it costs to remove Starfield bounty.

How much does it cost to remove Starfield bounty?

The price you’ll pay to remove your bounty in Starfield typically matches the bounty value you’ve accrued with a faction.

For example, harming a civilian like Miner might get you 650 bounty points with the UC, costing 650 credits to remove. Killing that same civilian will add another 15,000 to that value, increasing the credits cost by the same amount.

A UC officer questioning a player with a high Starfield bounty value.

What happens if I’m caught with Starfield Bounty?

If you let a security NPC get close while you have an outstanding Starfield Bounty value, you’ll be asked not to resist your arrest. You can fight back, giving yourself more time to make your escape or find a Trackers Alliance Bounty Clearance Service machine (if you can survive), or you can ask the officer to explain what sort of trouble you’re in.

If you agree to give yourself up to a certain set of people like the UC on New Atlantis, you’ll land yourself in an interrogation room, kickstarting the Deep Cover faction mission.

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