Does Starfield have multiplayer co-op?

Sharing the exploration of a universe with a friend sounds great, so we've got all the information on whether Starfield multiplayer exists or not ... yet.

Starfield multiplayer: A close up of the player companion, Heller, in front of a lanscape shot of a planets rings.

Can you play Starfield multiplayer in co-op? Understandably so for such a large story-driven game, questions have been raised about whether you can visit any one of the thousand Starfield planets with a human pal, a friend, a trusted confidant or if you’re restricted to the many, many NPCs.

The consensus is now established, which you can get the gist of in our Starfield review. For many, though, the thought of getting to grips with its gorgeous Starfield cities, thousands of Starfield planets, alien Starfield plants, and a promise that you can become a sandwich bandit is tantalizing. But can you share your life of piracy with someone else in Starfield co-op, or is the thought of multiplayer a load of baloney?

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Does Starfield have multiplayer?

There is no Starfield multiplayer mode. Bethesda has confirmed several times that Starfield is a single-player adventure only.

That said, whether this will change sometime down the line is unclear, especially given the beefy Starfield system requirements. We’d love to think that partnering up with other humans in co-op will be possible in the future when processors and graphics cards become more advanced.

The two most recent games from Bethesda – Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online – have been designed as multiplayer-only games. However, as detailed in this Todd Howard interview at Develop: Brighton Digital back in 2020, there’s a clear line drawn between Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Game Studios titles. BGS has taken a lot of cues from these MMO games but will be using that knowledge to craft a complete single-player experience.

Does Starfield have co-op?

No multiplayer means Starfield has no local couch co-op mode available at launch. This means you’ll have to go it alone on your adventure through the galaxy.

That said, you’ll still have the option to explore with a cast of varied and interesting Starfield companions. We won’t judge you if you want to blast the Starfield adoring fan out of an airlock. Get to grips with the Starfield character creation before release so you can perfect your avatar, and maybe take a look at the Starfield Constellation edition, which comes with a rather swanky smartwatch and a snazzy case.

With Starfield not having a multiplayer option, a decent Starfield wiki will be more vital as a handy source of information, and our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.