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How to get Starfield houses

Everything we know so far about Starfield houses, including how we might buy them and if there are any that may be earned through completing quests.

Vasco is standing inside one of the Starfield houses, decorated in much the same way as the spaceship in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Can you buy Starfield houses? To celebrate the upcoming epic space adventure going gold, Bethesda held an AMA on Discord that covered a wide range of topics, from the overall experience to nitty-gritty details about mechanics. One major question concerned the prospect of Starfield houses and the capacity to buy property in the major cities.

Given our ample experience with previous Bethesda games, we can already predict that Starfield houses could have a multitude of uses. You might use your homein Starfield as somewhere to bring companions so that they can take it easy for a spell, or perhaps decorate it with items you can also craft for base building. Either way, there’s not long to go until the Starfield release date, so here’s everything we know about getting onto the property ladder.

One of the major cities where you can find plenty of Starfield houses to purchase or earn via other means. This city is a futuristic utopia with intricately designed towers and green trees.

Can you buy Starfield houses?

Yes, you can buy Starfield houses in different cities. Lead Quest Designer Will Shen answered a Discord AMA question by saying, “some you have to purchase and some are rewards for specific quests.”

Lead Designer and Writer Emil Pagliarulo also teased, “You can purchase a dwelling in all major cities in the game, and there’s at least one that you get specifically for completing… something.”

We also know, thanks to our list of Starfield traits, that you can select one at the character creation stage of the game which means you start off with a property of your very own … almost. The ‘Dream Home’ trait gives you a small house on a ‘peaceful little moon’ but will start you off with a 50,000 credit mortgage with GalBank which must be paid back weekly. Your ‘luxurious, customizable house’ is still a great way to get on the intergalactic property market, though.

The confirmation that you can buy Starfield houses in the RPG game will likely set off that interior designer in you, wondering about all the possibilities for turning each property into a home. While you’re here, check out our Starfield system requirements guide so that it’s less likely that you run into technical issues upon launch.

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