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Starfield technically isn’t out yet, still hits a huge mod milestone

Starfield's mod downloads have already hit an incredibly impressive milestone, with more to come from both Bethesda and the community.

Starfield mod downloads: a woman in a dark blue dress and with shoulder length dark hair looks into the camera

Bethesda RPG games are known for their modding communities, and Starfield is already proving to be no exception. A landmark has already been reached, on just one modding site, before the actual full Starfield release date too, showing how dedicated the community is to both putting out fixes and unique content, and how many of us want to have all these Starfield mods in our games.

Just three days after the early access launch, popular mod site NexusMods has seen over one million Starfield mod downloads, which is frankly staggering. With the first hour of the Starfield player count cracking the top four and remaining steady up to launch, the Bethesda behemoth will only keep growing.

The one million (likely slightly more) mod downloads come from just over 400 mods as of publication, meaning that on average each mod pulls in 2,500 downloads. Naturally, this isn’t quite the case, as Starfield’s most popular mod is almost at a staggering 200,000 downloads alone.

Starfield mod downloads: an image from Nexus Mods showing the number of Starfield mods and mod downloads

I think we all knew Starfield modding was going to be popular, and this is before Bethesda’s official mod support has even arrived. Considering both Fallout 4 and Skyrim got mod support from Bethesda, and this has been confirmed for Starfield at some point down the line, it’s safe to say that Starfield’s community of modders and mod downloaders is just going to get bigger and bigger.

Skyrim still has dedicated mods coming out over a decade later, with Fallout 4’s eight years on shelves also still seeing plenty of community work. How long will Starfield last then? Only time will tell.

I’m almost certain we’ll also be seeing character creation overhauls soon, with expansions to the choice of Starfield backgrounds and Starfield traits. I bet you can be running around a space cat too, with other Bethesda races like the Khajitt sure to make their way into Starfield.

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