How to get polymer in Starfield

Knowing how to get polymer in Starfield is essential if you want to craft all the mods and upgrades you need, and we've got the lowdown.

Starfield polymer: Amoli Bava, who sells polymer in New Atlantis.

How do you get polymer in Starfield? This exotic organic resource is – as exotic would imply – hard to come by unless you know where to look. It’s one of many required materials for a plethora of crucial upgrades, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stock up on polymer without going out of your way to look for it.

Alongside the 1000+ Starfield planets, there are also a lot of Starfield materials and resources, and polymer is a tricky one to source. While adhesive is a rare material, polymer’s exotic status makes it even more valuable in the space game. Here’s the lowdown on how to get polymer in Starfield.

Where to find polymer in Starfield

There are three ways of getting polymer in Starfield: buy it, harvest it, or loot it. However, one is far more reliable than the others.

Starfield polymer: Buying polymer from a vendor.

Buying polymer

The best way to get yourself loads of polymer is to spend your hard-earned Starfield credits on it. You may think this is a waste when you could work for your polymer, but trust me; polymer is too rare to warrant hunting far and wide for it, when you can buy as much as you like for 20 credits each.

It weighs 0.5 mass so before too long, you’ll need to either offload your purchases to your companion or store them in the cargo hold of your ship. If the vendor you’re buying it from runs out, simply sit on a nearby bench to wait 24 hours until they restock. The best vendors to buy polymer from are any who sell resources – in the early game this is Jemison Mercantile or UC Distribution Center, both in New Atlantis, or UC Exchange in Cydonia.

Harvesting and looting polymer

As explained above, I don’t recommend this option because of how long it can take to find polymer, since it’s an exotic resource. If you want to hunt it down, start scanning any flora and fauna on planets full of habitable life, and you’ll eventually come across it. One confirmed location is on planet Muphrid IV in the Muphrid system, which is directly north of Kryx and south-west of Arcturus. Hunt down some Clawback Herbivore creatures and you should receive polymer when looting them.

You also have a chance of receiving polymer when looting enemies and your general surroundings, but of course this is far less reliable and you shouldn’t hope to find enough in this manner.

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