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How to get adhesive in Starfield

Starfield adhesive is essential for weapon upgrades, which is what you'll need to be doing if you want the most firepower to deal with enemies.

Starfield adhesive: Speaking to Wen Tseng, who sells adhesive.

How do you get adhesive in Starfield? This sticky resource isn’t the rarest of materials in the Settled Systems, but it is one you’ll need a lot of if you want to craft weapon upgrades and continue improving your arsenal.

While Starfield materials such as argon and lithium can be found naturally while scanning and exploring any of the 1000+ Starfield planets, adhesive isn’t something you’ll find lying on the ground or at the end of your Cutter laser. Here’s what you need to know about how to get adhesive in Starfield.

Where to get adhesive in Starfield

Generally, adhesive in Starfield can be found in three different ways: buy it from vendors, harvesting flora, and looting enemies. As explained above, adhesive is used to upgrade all of the best Starfield guns, so you’ll need the most reliable way of acquiring it if you want to have enough for all your weapon mods.

Starfield adhesive: Buying adhesive from a vendor.

Buying adhesive

Any store in Starfield that sells resources (so not Centurion Arsenal in New Atlantis who specialise in guns, for example) may sell adhesive. Navigate to the resources section, then have a look for adhesive – it’s in alphabetical order by default, so should be near the top.

I’ve found adhesive to cost 11 credits per unit, so given how easy it is to make a lot of Starfield credits, you should have no qualms affording it. If you buy all the adhesive a specific vendor has in stock, you can sit on a nearby chair or bench to wait for 24 hours, at which point they will restock. The best vendor to go to is the UC Distribution Center or Jemison Mercantile, both in New Atlantis, or if you’re in Cydonia, visit the UC Exchange.

Harvesting adhesive

If you’d rather save your cash and find adhesive yourself, your best bet is to go exploring. Various plants can provide adhesive, just ensure you head to a planet with plenty of life and scan as many flora as you can to learn which ones provide it. You only need to reach 25% for each plant to find out the materials available.

Looting adhesive

The least reliable method is by looting enemies, whether that’s by boarding their ships in outer space or clearing out abandoned structures on planet surfaces. You have more chance of encountering a big stack of adhesive this way, but it’s also no guarantee you’ll find any at all. The same goes for looting storage boxes and crates.

That’s the full lowdown on Starfield adhesive and how to get it. Check out our full list of the Starfield cities to know where to head to next, or our guide on Starfield outposts will have you building settlements all across the galaxy.

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