Starfield has a rage quit button, in case it doesn’t ‘just work’

A Starfield rage quit button exists, and while the origin of this in-joke and Easter egg is unknown, it's certainly a fun one to theorize about.

Starfield has a rage quit button, because of course it does

Starfield is looking great, and we’re all still finding hidden details and info about Bethesda’s next RPG game in the recent Starfield Direct showcase. So if you just can’t wait for the Starfield release date strap in, because we’ve uncovered yet another awesome little detail.

Bethesda has always had a pretty great sense of humor – as evidenced by the Starfield sandwich bandit – built into its worlds, and it looks like Starfield will be no exception. The absolute best we’ve seen so far though is the existence of a “Rage Quit” button in the game, which sounds a lot more dangerous than any of the fauna we’ve seen so far.

The Starfield Rage Quit button can be seen during the recent direct, alongside loads of other little easter eggs and secret details, on the main console of your ship. It doesn’t seem to appear when you’re looking through your cockpit during first-person flight, instead buried to the bottom right of the blue console just waiting to be used.

Perhaps it’ll let us eject from a losing battle mid-space flight. Perhaps it self-destructs your ship. In all seriousness though, I doubt the Rage Quit button actually does anything, instead, it’s probably just a nifty little easter egg. Still, I’d love to press it and see what happens – tell me you wouldn’t, I dare you.

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