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Starfield remake built in two days, actually has seamless space travel

A Starfield remake, of sorts, has been created in 48 hours, incorporating seamless travel between planets, something missing from the actual Bethesda RPG.

Starfield Remake: A blond woman, Sarah Morgan, from Bethesda RPG game Starfield

Starfield remake. It feels a bit early to be typing those words, given we’re less than a week from the initial release date, but you know, the gaming world moves fast. As Bethesda’s latest opus climbs Steam and Game Pass, and Starfield mods get stranger and more ambitious, a ‘remake’ of the space RPG game is already available to play, and includes one feature for which we’ve all been longing – seamless travel between planets. It’s not perfect, but for a game made by one person, in just two days, this is some pretty nice work.

The Starfield remake comes from ‘ThrillDaWill,’ creator of both Lego Fallout and Lego God of War. The idea is to build a game as close to Bethesda’s own vision within 48 hours. Given the size, scale, and scope of the Settled Systems, this sounds like an impossible task, but our intrepid game-maker manages to boil it down to the core components and produce a pretty convincing vertical slice.

We can explore planets. We can complete quests and sidequests. There are dialogue options, collectible items, and even ship combat. Best of all, ThrillDaWill’s Starfield allows for seamless travel between space and the surface. No menus. No Starmap. Just pure adrenalin-filled space travel.

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Ships even have multiple speeds. There’s cruising speed, terrain-boost speed, orbital speed, and ‘ludicrous’ speed. “Ludicrous speed was literally created by smashing zeroes on my keyboard until I got to the other side of the Solar System,” ThrillDaWill explains. “I’m shocked that it works but it definitely works.”

So, if you want an alternative to the actual Starfield, or if you’ve finished Bethesda’s own game already and want to keep the fun going, you can get ThrillDaWill’s Starfield remake via their Patreon.

Otherwise, there is still plenty to see in the Settled Systems, but you’ve got to be careful out there. If you get into trouble, it might be useful to instantly spawn 20,000 sweet rolls, so make sure you have all the Starfield console commands and cheats to hand. You can also scout ahead and find all the best quests and rewards with our full guide to Starfield missions.

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