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You can play Starfield with just a paper and pencil right now

This Starfield tabletop game is the real deal, and it just requires a piece of paper and some pencils, and you can even play it solo ahead of Bethesda's game.


Starfield is almost here, and the new Bethesda RPG game is going to take us on an adventure across the cosmos with ship-building, quests, planetary exploration, and so much more. But what if I told you you could do all of that with just a piece of paper, some colored pencils, and a single D10? With the Starfield release date fast approaching, this is the perfect way for you and some friends to get a taste of one of Starfield’s colossal galaxy.

Called ‘Planetfield’ and released by Reddit user ‘bridneus,’ this is a short and simple adventure that channels the spirit of the classic Cyberpunk tabletop and experiences like Dungeons and Dragons (check out our sister site Wargamer’s best DnD character creator list if you’re in need of inspiration), as you’re relying on chance dice rolls and your imagination to make the universe come alive.

“You are a member of a space exploration group called ‘The Zodiac,’” the Starfield TTRPG reads. “Your quest is to find four fragments of an alien artifact called an ‘Eldritch Apparatus.’ But also have fun exploring space.”

While you won’t have access to all those Starfield missions with this game, it’s still a great project and just makes me wish that Bethesda would turn the space game into a physical experience, as it has for Fallout already.


Here’s how the Starfield TTRPG works though: you roll your D10 to name your star, then roll to determine what types of planets are in the system, you then explore them and even more dice rolls determine if its a challenge, alien, puzzle, or even a moral dilemma.

It’s all fairly simple, with the rules stipulating that you succeed or fail depending on the value of your roll, but it presents a really cool opportunity for something like this to be expanded upon. You can download the one-page PDF over on itch.

With Starfield right around the corner, you’ll want to be kept up to date with all the Starfield Game Pass news, as you’ll be able to play the game on multiple platforms for a fraction of the asking price.

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