Everything we know about the Starfield voice cast so far

The cast of Starfield voice actors is set to include a solar system’s worth of new and returning talent that Bethesda fans are sure to recognise

Looking for a rundown of the most prominent Starfield voice actors? Bethesda may be returning to the age-old RPG tradition of silent protagonists for Starfield, but that doesn’t mean this highly anticipated space game won’t still feature a universe chock-full of colourful characters with the voices to match. Here’s everything we know about Starfield’s cast so far.

Back in 2021, Todd Howard revealed that over 300 Starfield voice actors had been hired to deliver 150,000 lines of dialogue. However, the studio has been remarkably tight-lipped on exactly who we can expect to hear as we journey across the Settled Systems.

Actor Stephen Ford, known for his TV roles in Teen Wolf and Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, has been teasing his involvement with the project for some time now, going so far as to publicly defend Starfield from Twitter critics. It’s still unclear what role he could play in the project, but a glimpse at Starfield’s cover art tweeted by Ford does appear to include his face, so we’re expecting him to play a prominent part.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without a few old favourites, and fans are keeping an ear out for any familiar voices that could give an indication of an NPC’s importance ahead of Starfield’s release date.

Stephen Russell has been a staple voice actor for the studio, playing iconic characters from both Fallout and Skyrim such as Codsworth, Nick Valentine, and Belethor. Fans have been speculating that he might be the NPC in possession of one of Starfield’s artefacts, as seen in the footage shown during the Xbox and Bethesda conference.

Starfield voice cast: An older male NPC dressed in gold armour.

There’s also speculation that Barrett, the chap in the space suit asking after the artefact in your possession, could well be Michael Mack. Mack voices the male Redguards in Morrowind and Oblivion, as well as Cyrus in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. It’s not outside the realms of possibility that he could have been recruited by Bethesda for a potentially larger role, but it has been well over a decade since his last appearance in a Bethesda Game Studios project.

Starfield voice cast: Barret from Starfield wearing a space suit and helmet.

We’re still relying on fan speculation for the time being, but check back as we get closer to Starfield’s release for a more comprehensive list of the most prominent Starfield voice actors. In the meantime, familiarise yourself with the friendly faces you’re likely to encounter on your travels with our Starfield companions guide. Alternatively, decide what kind of spacefarer you’d like to be by checking out all the Starfield backgrounds, skills and traits revealed so far.