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Starfield voice actors and cast list

The cast of Starfield voice actors includes a solar system’s worth of new and returning talent that Bethesda fans are sure to recognize.

Starfield voice actors and cast list: Three Starfield characters, VASCO, Sam Coe, and Vlad.

Who is in the Starfield cast? Bethesda may be returning to the age-old tradition of silent protagonists for Starfield, but that doesn’t mean this highly anticipated game won’t still feature a universe chock-full of colorful characters with voices to match.

If you recognize some of the voices across the 1,000-plus Starfield planets, don’t be surprised – this is Bethesda, after all. Some of the names below are old Bethesda faves, others are well-known screen stars, and the rest are video game stalwarts. The cast list is made up of hundreds of Starfield voice actors, so we can’t possible list them all here. Instead, here are those NPCs you’ll come across most frequently, those you can recruit as Starfield crew mates and companions, and perhaps even seduce into a Starfield romance.

Starfield Adoring Fan: A young man with blond hair, the Adoring Fan from Bethesda RPG game Starfield

Who are the Starfield voice actors?

Here are the Starfield voice actors you are most likely to hear from:

  • Adoring Fan – Craig Sechler
  • Andreja – Cissy Jones
  • Barrett – Barry Wiggins
  • Betty Howser – Adrienne Barbeau
  • Captain Petrov – Stephen Russell
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt – Daniel Hagen
  • Genghis Khan – Kaiji Tang
  • Heller – Damien C. Haas
  • Marika Boros – Julie Nathanson
  • Matteo Khatri – Carlos Valdes
  • Mickey Caviar – Chris Andrew Ciulla
  • Mom and Dad – Nana Visitor and Tim Russ
  • Noel – Dana Gourrier
  • Omari Hassan – Isaac Robinson-Smith
  • Rafael Aguerro – Kari Loya
  • Sam Coe – Elias Toufexis
  • Sarah Morgan – Emily O’Brien
  • Supervisor Lin – Sumalee Montano
  • VASCO – Jake Green
  • Vlad – Bumper Robinson
  • Walter Stroud – Armin Shimerman

Adoring Fan – Craig Sechler

This one we’ve known about for a while, as Craig Sechler, the original voice actor for the Adoring Fan in The Elder Scrolls, confirmed he would be reprising his role in Starfield. Back in June, the star of posted a TikTok announcing that he was back, while wearing a bright yellow wig in honor of his hero-worshipping superfan NPC. Sechler is a Bethesda stalwart, having also lent his voice to characters in Fallout 3.

Andreja – Cissy Jones

While little is known about Andreja so far, aside from her voice actor reveal on Twitter which tells us that she is an astronomer and navigator, plenty is known about Cissy Jones, the actor responsible for her. You’ll almost definitely have heard Cissy’s voice in a video game before now, with an almost endless list of credits under her belt including Half-Life: Alyx, Death Stranding, Remnant II, and Baldur’s Gate 3 – putting her in the two biggest games right now simultaneously.

Starfield voice cast: Barret from Starfield wearing a space suit and helmet.

Barrett – Barry Wiggins

Barrett voice actor Barry Wiggins has shown his face and voice across TV, film, and games, the most notable of which being Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Mafia III. This is only the top of a career iceberg that reaches the depths of the ’80s, when you might have also seen Barry in classics like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Beverly Hills 90210, and Melrose Place.

Betty Howser – Adrienne Barbeau

If you meet NPC Betty Howser and instantly recognize her voice, chances are you’re a horror fan. The legendary actress has decades of work behind her, including a number of John Carpenter and George A Romero horrors like The Fog and Creepshow. Barbeau is also no stranger to Bethesda, so you may also recognize her as the voice of The Overseer in Fallout 76.

Starfield voice cast: An older male NPC dressed in gold armor.

Captain Petrov – Stephen Russell

If you were one of the many fans who speculated that Stephen Russell was the voice of the face above following his appearance in pre-release gameplay footage, then give yourself a pat on the back. One of the top guesses fans had was that Russell was the voice of who we later found out to be Captain Petrov, but he also voices Larry Dumbrosky and Victor Aiza.

If you know Russell’s voice but aren’t sure where from, he’s been a staple voice actor for Bethesda over the years, playing iconic characters from both Fallout and Skyrim such as Codsworth, Nick Valentine, and Belethor.

Matteo Khatri – Carlos Valdes

While Carlos Valdes has voices animations before now, Starfield marks his first video game. That doesn’t mean you won’t recognize his voice though, as the actor himself has made appearances in film and TV, including The Flash and new Hulu series Up Here.

A close up of the Constellation companion Noel from Starfield, voiced by Dana Gourrier.

Noel – Dana Gourrier

Another relative newbie to video games, Dana Gourrier was the voice of Rose Chapman in Detroit: Become Human. You might instead recognize the voice of Constellation recruit Noel from one of her many on screen credits though, like GLOW, Superstore, or The Hateful Eight.

Sam Coe – Elias Toufexis

The voice of space cowboy Sam Coe has tweeted his excitement about this new role, citing his Starfield character as the one “most like me in personality I’ve ever played”. Since it’s too early for you to know him as Sam Coe though, you might instead recognize him from Gotham Knights, Saints Row (2022), Horizon Forbidden West, or Back 4 Blood, among a long list of other well-known games.

An image of blonde haired Constellation member Sarah Morgan from Starfield, voiced by Emily O'Brien.

Sarah Morgan – Emily O’Brien

Already a legend of video game voices, Emily O’Brien has lent her voice to characters in Death Stranding, NieR: Reincarnation, Saints Row (2022), and Gotham Knights, as well as God of war: Ragnarok and Exoprimal. However, O’Brien has also appeared on the big and small screen in Days of our Lives and The Bad Batch (as “Dream Girl”, no less), as well as voicing a character in a couple of episodes of Love, Death and Robots.

Starfield VASCO, one of the companions, with the Constellation logo behind him.

VASCO – Jake Green

You might not recognize the voice of VASCO, but not because Jake Green hasn’t got plenty of recognizable work behind him – more because the actor’s many different voices cover a variety of characters. VASCO’s robotic voice might not immediately remind you of Dreamlight Valley’s Olaf for example, or Eddie Brock from Marvel Midnight Suns. On top of voicing others in animations and games, Green has also appeared on screen himself as gym bro Trent in Brooklyn Nine Nine and Officer Kelly in Dahmer among others.

Vlad – Bumper Robinson

You may recognize the voice of Vlad from a number of TV animations, but while the awesomely nicknamed Bumper Robinson can be heard in American Dad!, Curious George, and Ultimate Spider-Man, he’s taken on some phenomenal video game projects in his career, not least working on previous Bethesda projects including Redfall, Fallout 76, and Fallout 4. Bumper can also be found voicing characters in Doom (2016), Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Need for Speed: Heat, Final Fantasy VII (2020), and Saints Row.

Walter Stroud – Armin Shimerman

Legendary voice actor Armin Shimerman has literally hundreds of voice acting credits behind him, and joins the Starfield act as the wealthy and powerful owner of Stroud-Eklund, Walter Stroud. You could recognize Shimerman’s voice from any number of games, but just some of the most notable are Ratchet and Clank (yep, he’s Dr Nefarious), Mass Effect, and he’s the voice of Andrew Ryan in Bioshock.

Despite jumping to the defense of the space game back in 2022, it seems actor Stephen Ford is not part of the massive Starfield cast list, as was previously thought. Known for his TV roles in Teen Wolf and Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, Ford teased his involvement in Starfield in the months ahead of the game’s release, going so far as to publicly defend Starfield from Twitter critics and tweeting the Starfield cover art, and spent the days after Starfield early access tweeting regularly about how much he loves the game. Just an adoring Bethesda fan, then? Perhaps he’s trying to get in line if Craig Sechler ever moves on. 

If you want to get to know the in-game characters of these famous Starfield voices, familiarize yourself with the friendly faces you’re likely to encounter on your travels with our Starfield companions guide. You can also start to decide what kind of spacefarer you’d like to be by checking out all the Starfield backgrounds, Starfield skills, and Starfield traits revealed so far.

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