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Where to sell items in Starfield, and the best vendors for selling

Knowing where to sell Starfield items is a real struggle, especially if you're encumbered, so here's where to sell weapons, loot, ships, and more.

Where to sell items in Starfield: The woman you speak to at Centurion Arsenal to sell weapons.

Where can you sell Starfield items? There is so much loot in the galaxy. You’ll very quickly run out of space in your inventory if, like us, you pick up everything and anything that’s within arms reach. While you can store stuff in your ship’s cargo hold, or in your companion’s inventory, eventually, you’re going to have to sell some of your worldly possessions.

To make things more difficult, it seems at first like you can’t even sell all your unwanted stuff to the same vendor. New Atlantis has a number of different shops, but you’ll quickly discover you can’t sell your spare Starfield weapons to the convenience store, for example. This is what you need to know about selling Starfield items and where to go to get the most value.

Where to sell items in Starfield: The Trade Authority Kiosk at New Atlantis.

Best places to sell items in Starfield

While you can get by selling trinkets to settler outposts, that’s not really going to get you far in your effort to explore every corner of civilization. Here are the best places to sell your loot so you can make stacks on stacks on stacks… or whatever.

New Atlantis

Unsurprisingly, one of the largest cities in Starfield also happens to house a bunch of vendors that will happily accept your loot in return for credits… unless you operate slightly outside of the law, that is. Being the shining light of the settled systems also means staying within the rules of civilization, meaning that you can’t sell your contraband here. We have a comprehensive interactive New Atlantis map over at Starfield DB that can point you in the direction of each vendor.

The Key

This is where the bad people live. These bad people happen to have a lot of credits and not a lot of morals – perfect for that cargo hold full of contraband you’ve been flying around with. The Key doesn’t just take illegal goods, though; they’ll take anything you have.

Trade Authority Kiosks

These gaudy-looking kiosks dotted around settled areas are run by the Trade Authority, and although you’re missing out on the human connection, these little beauties will take anything you have to offer – including contraband.

Where to sell items in Starfield

It’s important that we clarify first that there are some places you can go to sell all categories of items in your inventory. For example, as soon as you land at New Atlantis, you’ll be next to a Trade Authority Kiosk where you can quickly offload everything you’re carrying. These kiosks can be found all over the 1000+ Starfield planets, and they are certainly convenient, but they’re not the best place to sell your gear.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for where to sell Starfield contraband, we have a separate guide dedicated to that, as it’s the hardest thing to offload in the game.

Where to sell items in Starfield: The weapons screen when selling.

Where to sell weapons and armor in Starfield

When it comes to weapons and armor, you’re actually safe to sell these wherever will take them. There is no difference in value between selling at a Trade Authority Kiosk, to a Trade Authority Vendor, or to a specific store, merchant, or whoever else might be willing to buy your wares.

However, if you’re looking to offload a lot of weapons and armor, we’d recommend going somewhere with the most credits. The Centurion Arsenal store on New Atlantis, for example, has 12,500 credits and while you can only sell weapons and armor there, there’s a lot more you can potentially earn compared to the measly 5,000 credits at any Trade Authority Kiosk.

However, if you’re far enough into the game and you’ve managed to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet, you should be selling everything you own at The Key. This is where the Crimson Fleet hangs out and where you’ll find the vendors with the most money in the game, who sell everything you could dream of, and they even accept contraband.

Where to sell items in Starfield: The ship selling screen.

Where to sell ships in Starfield

Selling ships is a little more straightforward, as these can be sold to any Ship Services Technician in the game. Ship Services Technicians are the folks in grey and yellow jackets, such as the chap standing next to the Trade Authority Kiosk at the New Atlantis spaceport.

Simply talk to them, ask what ships they have for sale, and then press R on the keyboard to navigate to the sell menu. You can then cycle through your ships and see the value of each one. If you’re looking to sell a ship you’ve hijacked and stolen, you will need to ensure it’s registered first though, or it won’t show up on the sell menu.

That’s all you need to know about selling items, weapons, armor, and ships! This is just one way of earning Starfield money fast – another is to learn all about Starfield outposts and the rewards they can bring in.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.