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Steam’s Skulls for the Skulls Throne event has Warhammer games on sale

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Khorne is the Chaos god of blood, war, murder, and cheap Steam games. That last one might not be strictly canonical, but it’s good news if you’ve got Warhammer games on your wishlist. Steam’s offering significant discounts on Warhammer titles during the Skulls for the Skull Throne II event, which is running now through Tuesday.

Games Workshop has licensed their multiple tabletop-based gameworlds to a lot of different studios now, so the Warhammer games on Steam are numerous and of variable quality. Around 40 games are featured in the weekend sale, and there are some standouts that are definitely worth snapping up while they’re discounted.

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Dawn of War III is 75% off, at $9.99 USD, which is a great deal on a real-time strategy title that got a bit unfairly compared to MOBAs when it launched. The campaign isn’t terrific, granted, but Dawn of War III has some fun ideas, adding hero units into a more traditional three-faction RTS mix. Check out our Dawn of War III review for more.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is on sale for $22.49 USD, or 25% off. It’s a multiplayer Skaven stomper in the style of Left 4 Dead that improves on the already-great original Vermintide in just about every way, with interesting new character options, a host of new Chaos enemies, and a wider variety of environments. This week, a free content drop for Vermintide 2 added daily challenges and a bunch of new cosmetics.

You can get Total War: Warhammer II for 10% off, or $44.99 USD. That’s not much of a sale, but remember it’s still a fairly new title. The Queen and the Crone, which launched this past week, and Rise of the Tomb Kings DLC expansions are also 10% off.

A few more notable deals in the Skulls sale include the original Total War: Warhammer at 75% off (great if you have the second game and want to jump into the Mortal Empires campaign), Battlefleet Gothic: Armada at 65% off, Blood Bowl II at 66% off, and everything related to 2011’s Space Marine for 75% off. The full list of discounted titles can be found on Steam.

If you’d like to see some of these games in action before you buy, Steam is highlighting Warhammer streamers all weekend for the event.