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10 top games to grab during the Lovecraftian Days Steam Sale 2024

The Lovecraftian Days Steam Sale is full of big savings on horror games, action games, and more with some of the best PC games going cheap.

10 top games in the Lovecraftian Days Steam sale 2024 - A bearded man with thick eyebrows from the game Dredge.

The Lovecraftian Days Steam Sale is here, giving you all manner of fantastic Eldritch-themed games packed with myriad weird and wonderful terrors. With big discounts and deals across a lot of big names from older classic PC games to new releases, including some of the best horror games and Eldritch action games, there’s a lot to dig through in search of something you’ll love. To help, we here at PCGamesN have put our heads together to help you find some of the best games available cheap right now.

This Lovecraftian Steam sale is focused on anything tangentially related to the surreal writings of horror author H.P. Lovecraft. That means you can expect terrors of the deep, Eldritch abominations, Old Gods so incomprehensible that they scramble your brains with their mere presence, and much, much more across a range of the best PC games to bear that theme. Bloodborne on PC might still be frustratingly nonexistent, but Valve has a whole heap of excellent deals for you on Steam right now, and here are some of our favorite picks.

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The best games in the Lovecraftian Days Steam Sale 2024

Dredge (30% off)

One of 2023’s best games, what might be a delightful fishing adventure in a small coastal village takes a sinister twist in Dredge, with the fish lurking below the waters looking a little stranger than your average cod or haddock. That’s only the start, however – as you sell your surreal catches to the locals and explore the waters and surrounding islands, you’ll start to uncover even more secrets lurking in the depths.

Darkest Dungeon 1 and 2 (66% off)

Building a party of roughshod adventurers, it’s up to you to manage their abilities and maintain their sanity as they fight their way through hordes of nightmarish terrors. While you can buy the pair of turn-based RPGs separately, if you opt for The Iron Crown bundle that includes the original game, itself even more beloved than the sequel, you’ll actually get a bigger discount – and Steam takes into account if you already own one of them to knock more off the bundle price too.

Forgive Me Father 2 (20% off)

Forgive Me Father 2 boasts one of the most distinctive art styles among the best boomer shooters on PC. As a priest on the edge of their sanity, you’ll have to blast your way through the Lovecraftian hordes in an attempt to salvage your own soul. Much like Darkest Dungeon, you can also get both Forgive Me Father games together in a bundle for an extra saving if you want.

Lovecraftian Days Steam sale 2024 - Forgive Me Father 2.

Remnant From the Ashes (70% off)

If you’ve played Remnant 2 and didn’t check out the original, or are yet to dip into the apocalyptic world of Gunfire Games’ excellent co-op games, I’d highly recommend doing so. Drawing in careful influences from roguelikes and soulslikes, Remnant From the Ashes is glued together by some of the most satisfying third-person shooting you’ll find anywhere on the market, and at such a huge discount now’s a great time to convince your friends to join you.

Slay the Princess (25% off)

This unsettling narrative adventure game is one you definitely need to see for yourself, and one that will stick with you if you do. Your mission is simple: slay the princess. It should be easy enough – she’s locked in the basement of a cabin nearby. Of course, she’ll do everything she can to stop you, but you have to put her down or it means the end of the world. So don’t get any ideas about saving her, or romancing her, or falling foul of her devious promises.

Soma (85% off)

Despite the resounding influence of the original Amnesia and the tremendous successes of 2023’s Amnesia: The Bunker, Soma might be the Frictional Games story that’s stuck with me the most. A contemplative horror game on existence and the nature of humanity, Soma sees you awaken in a mysterious facility deep under the ocean, where you must seek out the other inhabitants and decide how best to handle each of their situations in turn.

Lovecraftian Days Steam sale 2024 - An underwater diver looks at you from among machinery in Soma.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (67% off)

Classic Bethesda-published survival horror FPS game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth comes from the era between Morrowind and Oblivion, blending stealth and adventure elements akin to that of Thief and Deus Ex with the nightmarish setting of Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth. It’s a fascinating relic of its era, incorporating aspects that would later become prominent in the likes of Amnesia such as sanity tracking and the use of visual cues and sound effects to convey information rather than on-screen meters, and while it’s certainly somewhat clunky and awkward by modern standards it’s a great addition to your library for less than $2.

Scorn (65% off)

If you love the biomechanical body horror of Alien artist H.R. Giger, with its blend of flesh and metal that twists human physiology into unsettling architecture, Scorn is going to very much be your wheelhouse. This horror adventure game isn’t going to suit everyone’s tastes, but you’ll probably know when you see it if it’s for you, and if it is then its atmospheric exploration is well worth your time.

Cthulhu Saves the World (65% off)

Lovecraftian horrors don’t have to be bad, of course. In delightful comedy RPG game Cthulhu Saves the World, you are the instantly recognizable betentacled cosmic lord of insanity, except your powers have been sealed away and the only way to reclaim them is for you to prove your worth as a true hero. The result is a genuinely charming and funny classic RPG, and you’ll get it alongside developer Zeboyd Digital’s Breath of Death 7 at the low price of just one dollar for the pair.

Lovecraftian Days Steam sale 2024 - Cthulhu says, "Time to prove yourself, groupie" as he faces a sea monster in Cthulhu Saves the World.

The Shrouded Isle (85% off)

The Shrouded Isle is a monochromatic management game where you’re a high priest preparing to awaken the Old God you serve from their slumber beneath the waves. You’ll have to choose which of the villagers you recruit to your cause, keep a close eye out for heretics, and name your most trusted advisors – one of whom must be sacrificed at the end of each season. Including the big, free Sunken Sins expansion, The Shrouded Isle is a fantastic $2 pickup, so don’t miss out.

That’s all we’ve got for you today, but hopefully you’ve found something in there to keep you busy. The Lovecraftian Days Steam Sale runs until Monday April 8, so be sure to grab these savings while you can. With a lot of great upcoming PC games still to come in 2024, you might also be interested in saving some money with the best free Steam games right now.

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