Rocksteady reportedly worked on a non-DC game before Suicide Squad

Rocksteady Studios allegedly never worked on a Superman game before Suicide Squad, but was reportedly developing a non-DC multiplayer game.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League multiplayer game: A man with shaggy blonde hair and facial hair smiles with his teeth showing, a red bandana around his neck and blue beanie atop his head

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is approaching quickly, and we can’t wait to get our villainous hands on the open-world shooter. The expansive cast of characters is as iconic as they come, with some of DC’s most beloved antiheroes taking center stage. As Rocksteady Studios is working on its upcoming comic-inspired adventure, a new report seems to reveal that the developer allegedly never planned a Superman game. Instead, it reportedly may have been developing a non-DC multiplayer game.

That’s right, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League may not be a follow-up project to any Clark Kent-based superhero game as previous rumors implied. A recent report claims that following Batman Arkham Knight’s massive 2015 release, Rocksteady took Arkham VR on alongside another unannounced multiplayer game which was allegedly “set in an original franchise” rather than the DC universe.

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The Bloomberg report offers no other information regarding a supposed shelved original project from Rocksteady. It does, however, address the rumors of a possible past Superman game from the developer. Calling it “a rumor that won’t die,” the article states that the widespread allegation seemingly stemmed from James Sigfield’s 2020 post on Twitter. Sigfield now says that the information he received about the Superman project had its “studios mixed up.”

James Sigfield's initial claim regarding Rocksteady Studios pitching a Superman game

Rocksteady’s rumored Superman won’t come to fruition it seems as it likely didn’t ever exist in the first place and we may never see the shelved original multiplayer game from the studio either, but the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date is almost upon us. After the recently lifted closed alpha NDA, we have many a Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League preview to read through, too.

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