Teamfight Tactics patch 10.8 notes – New Unit, Trait effects, and big gameplay changes

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.8 brings a hearty batch of changes to re-balance gameplay

With April Fool’s Day behind us and TFT patch 10.7 now live on the autobattler’s servers, it’s time to see what Riot has up its sleeve next for Teamfight Tactics. Read on to see the list of changes headed to League of Legends‘ sister game when TFT patch 10.8 drops.

There’s a pretty chunky batch of trait tweaks and Champion balance changes this cycle, which you can get a look at in full below. Infiltrator, Protector, Rebel, Blademaster, Dark Star, Sorcerer, Celestial, and Space Pirate traits all see some key adjustments this testing patch, with some new four, six, eight, and nine Champ unit bonuses in store, too. That means you can expect to see some extra attack damage, spell power, shield, and other effects for various traits.

Changes for Champions this update include some super sweet buffs for a whole bunch of lucky heroes: Shen, Soraka, Syndra, Zoe, Master Yi, Shaco, and Caitlyn, while Lux’s stun duration sees a minor nerf. Read on to check out the changes in full.

Plus, a brand-new unit has come to the multiplayer game’s roster: Xerath, the Magus Ascendant. The Champ’s a tier five Dark Star Sorcerer with a fearsome ability, ‘Abyssal Bombardment’.

Last but definitely not least, Riot’s posted some dev notes detailing some key gameplay changes just about to hit the PBE, with the studio having identified a couple of issues it’s keen to resolve – and what it plans to do to balance the game going forward.

Check out all these details, and the patch notes in full, below.


New Unit – Xerath

  • Tier 5
  • Traits:
    • Dark Star
    • Sorcerer
  • Ability: ‘Abyssal Bombardment’
    • “Xerath transforms, summoning meteors to strike random foes in place of his normal attacks for [6/8/45] seconds. Meteors deal [350/450/2500] magic damage upon impact and if they kill their target, all adjacent enemies take [50% base] magic damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.”



Shen – buffed
– Duration of ability increased to 2.5/3/5 from 2.5/3/4

Soraka – buffed
– Heal from ability increased to 375/550/20000 from 350/500/2000

– Damage from ability increased to 80/120/250 from 80/120/200

Zoe – buffed
– Damage from ability increased to 200/275/400 from 150/225/400
– Duration of stun effect increased to 2/2.5/4 from 2/2.5/3

Master Yi – changed
– Healing effect per second increased to 10/12/15% from 8/10/15%
– Bonus true damage increased to 100/150/250 from 75/100/200

Lux – nerfed
– Duration of stun effect decreased to 1/1.5/2 from 1.5/2/2.5

Shaco – buffed
– Damage of ability increased to 300/325/350% from 250/325/400%

Caitlyn – buffed
– Damage from ability increased to 750/1500/3000 from 700/1000/1800

Wukong – buffed
– Ability damage increased to 375/550/4000 from 250/450/2000

Xayah – changed
– Attack speed changed to 100/125/150 from 75/100/150



– Healing effect (4 Champs) increased to 40% from 30%
– Healing effect (6 Champs) increased to 75% from 60%

Space Pirate
– Chance of extra loot drop (4 Champs) increased to 20% from 15%

– New! Bonus attack speed of 120% (6 Champs), which gets refreshed at the point of takedown
– Bonus attack speed (6 Champs) increased to 125% from 120%

– New! Bonus 45% maximum health shield (6 Champs)

– New! Bonus 275 shield and 15% damage (9 Champs)
– Bonus (9 Champs) increased to [350 Shield & 15% Damage] from [275 Shield & 15% Damage]

– New! 100% chance of triggering (9 Champs)

Dark Star
– New! Bonus +45 attack damage and spell power (9 Champs)
– AD and spell power (6 Champs) decreased to 30 from 35
– AD and spell power (9 Champs) decreased to 50 from 40
– Bonus (9 Champs) increased to [50 Attack Damage and Spell Power] from [45 Attack Damage and Spell Power]

– Spell power (4 Champs) increased to 45% from 40%
– Spell power (8 Champs) decreased to 125% from 150%
– New! Bonus +150% spell power (8 Champs)

– Threshold of critical hits decreased to 40% health from 50% health

– Bonus health (6 Champs) decreased to 750 from 800
– Bonus AD (6 Champs) decreased to 75 from 80

TEAMFIGHT TACTICS PATCH 10.8 Dev Notes and Gameplay Changes


Here are notes on upcoming TFT gameplay changes coming in patch 10.8 (via Riot on Reddit):

“After monitoring and playing 10.6, we definitely agreed that there were some tunings that were off with these two systems changes that we introduced with Galaxies. So let me list out the problems and approach we’re taking to hopefully resolve it.


  • Late / end-game compositions are too consistently attainable without enough risk
  • Although several of the 5 cost units were indeed too strong in 10.6, both the amount of gold we injected into the game economy combined with the player damage adjustments were strong contributors to the “Rebel” meta we saw in 10.6. Specifically, greedily loss-streaking is paying out too well while not being nearly as risky as it ought to be.
  • The game flow of TFT has become a bit too predictable
  • Because the player damage contribution had been shifted largely into the Base Damage per Stage, it has made it very predictable when the first player will be eliminated and when the final Top two fight will generally end. This isn’t all bad – we think the general flow and overall game time are in a good spot, but it’s definitely not perfect.
  • We want more room for games to sometimes end faster than usual due to a strong hyper roll player taking over the game, and also on the other end of the spectrum 2 late-game titans duking it out for a good amount of rounds before one comes out the victor.


  • We are moving more of the Player Damage back into the Surviving Units of a combat.
  • Player Damage
  • Base Damage per Stage: 0/3/4/5/10/15/20 changing to 0/1/1/2/5/10/15
  • Damage from Surviving Units: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10… changing to 2/4/6/8/10/11/12/13/14/15…
  • This should ideally make it more punishing for players who are purposely loss-streaking / open-forting as they risk being eliminated before 4-7. Loss-streaking should still be a strategy and especially a fallback for players who get unlucky early shop rolls or are struggling to settle on a composition, but players in this scenario should be actively trying to lose by small margins rather than happily full-on open-forting.
  • Streaks’ gold values are being reduced
  • Streaks
  • Old
    Two wins = +1g
    Three wins = +2g
    Four or more wins = +3g
  • New
    Two to three wins wins = +1g
    Four wins = +2g
    Five or more wins = +3g

Though we do like that players are now strategising around streaks much more closely (especially relative to Interest), it has injected a lot into the economy and also leaves players who are ping-ponging between wins and losses a bit too far behind the curve. We’re being cautious here because we still want everyone to care about streaks, because they should matter. If there continues to be too much gold in the system, we will likely look to drain either more from here or even other sources of income.”

That’s all we’ve got for Teamfight Tactics patch 10.8 for now. According to the League of Legends 2020 patch schedule the TFT 10.8 patch is due to drop on Wednesday, April 15. If you’re keen to see what’s just hit the live game, get a look at the TFT patch 10.7 notes and be sure to keep checking back for the Teamfight Tactics patch 10.9 notes soon.

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