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The Division 2’s new skills let you heal allies with chemical clouds and drones

The Division 2 release date

If you watched the announcement of The Division 2 at E3 2018 then you should remember one of the most exciting parts of our first look at the new Washington D.C.-based online shooter. It was the riot foam, obviously.  Don’t you remember the agents squirting it all over the place – on walls? It looked like a foamy good time.

Now, more details on the riot foam have been released as Ubisoft has released details on The Division 2’s different skill categories. There are five in total for you to pick from, each of which give your agent a specialised ability that affects the way you play. You can think of them a bit like classes in an RPG – healers, damage dealers, tanks, and so on.

The first that Ubisoft details in the blog post is the Chem Launcher. Choose this weapon and you’ll be able to launch chemicals at your enemies with four different charges: flammable gas that ignites when shot, riot foam that sticks enemies in place, oxidiser which has a corrosive effect on contact, and the reinforcer which fires a vapour cloud that repairs ally armour.

If you do choose the Chem Launcher and don’t use the riot foam to annoy the hell out of your opponents then you need to reconsider your life choices.

Anyway, moving on, the next skill gives you a drone. When deployed, you can have the drone hover around you, or send it after an enemy target, or even to help out a teammate. Again, there are different versions of the drone to choose from – revealing enemy positions, defending an area, dropping explosives, offering backup fire, and repairing armour.

The Division 2 drone

If one drone isn’t enough for you then how about lots of micro-drones? That’s the next skill. Called the Hive, the micro-drones are focused more on support, with their various specialisations either giving your squad combat boosts, repairing their armour, reviving downed allies, or if you want they can swarm enemies to inflict damage too. Make sure you shout “Fly! My pretties” if you go for that last option.

The final two skills should be familiar to The Division players: seeker mines and turrets. But they do have some new functions in the sequel. The seeker mines can hunt down enemies to damage them or send out chemicals to heal your squad. The turret is for attacking only, with its various modes being machine gun, explosive, fiery, and sniper.

Now we’ve gone through all of the skill categories you can see that nothing is as good as the riot foam. You know what to do when that The Division 2 release date rolls around. I want to see foam in every corner of future America.