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Is The Finals on Game Pass?

The frenetic, objective-based FPS shooter tasks you with becoming the champion of an ultra-violent game show, but is The Finals on Game Pass?

Is The Finals on Game Pass? Secure the point, get out, and win the adoration of fans around the globe. Sounds easy until you throw in the other blood-thirsty squads that want the same thing. The Finals is a competitive FPS game set in a dystopian game show, with the contestants fighting for the hearts and minds of the nation, as well as a lot of gold.

With The Finals release date finally here, many are wondering how they’ll get their hands on the new PC game. With Game Pass going from strength to strength, it’s reasonable to assume that it will appear on the service. Here’s whether the new FPS game, The Finals, will be on Game Pass.

The Finals Game Pass: a gunfight in a half-constructed skyscraper.

Will The Finals be on Game Pass?

The Finals is not on Game Pass, and it’s unlikely to appear any time soon. With the game being free-to-play on Steam, this news shouldn’t come as too much of a disappointment.

It should be noted that Valorant appears on Game Pass despite being free to play. Game Pass users can play Valorant via Game Pass to gain access to every agent in the game. There’s a possibility The Finals could see functionality like this appear in the future, but that isn’t the case right now.

For those planning on exiting The Finals a victor, we have the best The Finals settings so your experience is as smooth as possible, all The Finals classes, so you know who to play as, and of course, the best The Finals weapons. If you’re itching to get into the arena, there are a few things you can do to prepare. Check out our The Finals system requirements to see if your rig is up to the task, and make sure you link your Twitch account so you can claim those The Finals Twitch drops when they come.