How to get The First Descendant credits

Learn how to get The First Descendant credits quickly, including all methods that require completing missions, farming for resources, and some instant cash.

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How do you get The First Descendant credits fast? Now that players have had a chance to try out Nexon’s third-person looter shooter, the main thing everyone wants is to unlock all the characters. However, to get them quickly, you need to get your hands on some credits.

If you want to get ahead and unlock The First Descendant characters, you’ll need to earn as many resources as possible by doing specific things in the action game. Below, we have some tips on how to get rich quickly in The First Descendant during the beta, tips which should mostly work in the full game when The First Descendant release date rolls around.

The mailbox showing First Descendant credits that you can get by exchanging caliber.

How to earn First Descendant credits fast

The First Descendant credits can be picked up by completing quests and dailies, and they can also be dropped by defeated enemies, so be sure to loot thoroughly every time you take down a foe.

If you complete the main story, as well as side quests and daily missions, you can earn credits and some valuable crafting items to help create and enhance characters.

You can also defeat enemies in the open world or Void Intercept battles to earn loot that increases your total credits and resources. While fighting enemies in the open world, try to find some hidden chests, collectibles, and secrets, as they can also quickly increase your funds. If you collect too much junk, you can salvage unwanted stuff by using the salvage station in Albion or pressing S on the highlighted item in your inventory.

Unless you preregistered to take part in the current The First Descendant beta test, you won’t be able to get the 100k credits reward, but you can still get 50k credits as a participation bonus. Just make sure you log in daily and visit one of the post boxes in Albion to collect it. You can also earn some caliber this way, which is also a valuable monetary resource.

A character is shooting at enemies in a jungle to get First Descendant credits.

Finally, you can earn credits instantly by watching in-game adverts. This may sound like the dullest way to get some extra money, but you can always step away from your desk while the ad plays. After doing so, there’s a countdown timer for when you can watch the next advert.

With these ways of getting your hands on The First Descendant credits quickly, you should be unlocking character in no time. While you’re here, you may want to know when The First Descendant maintenance schedule is so you can maximize your playtime before the beta ends. Otherwise, you could always take a look at some of the best free PC games available to try right now.