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The Witcher season 2 will fix Nilfgaard’s terrible wrinkly armour

The Witcher's Nilfgaardian armour will no longer teste your patience in season 2

Remember when those first images of Nilfgaardian armour in Netflix’s The Witcher adaption popped up and caused a bit of a stir with some of the games and books’ fans? Despite previously explaining its design was to differentiate it from the Cintran army’s armour, writer and showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has now revealed there are some changes in store for the Nilfgaardian troops’ look when The Witcher season 2 release date rolls around.

Hissrich has discussed the armour on a recent episode of Flickering Myth’s Writing Experience podcast (via IGN), and said there were plans to “course correct” some aspects of the first season in the next. “Season two is exciting. It’s a chance to look at the mistakes we’ve made in season one and do it better, tell stories better, improve some things, look at what didn’t work, get rid of it, and start over.”

An example she discusses is the armour: “The Nilfgaard armour will be totally different. You have that opportunity [in the next season] to go back and course correct if you want to.”

While it’s not exactly a significant “mistake”, it will likely be welcome news to fans of CD Projekt Red’s RPG games keen to see Nilfgaardian Empire’s power and status reflected in its troops’ armour next season – in-line with Geralt, Yennefer, and the gang’s awesome (and authentic) attire.

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