Tower of Fantasy Genshin Impact skins top the charts

Tower of Fantasy has Genshin Impact skins that are proving to be insanely popular, topping the charts for the most liked models in Hotta Studio's RPG game

tower of fantasy character skinsgenshin impact woman with long red hair and large sword looks angrily at camera

Hotta Studio’s open world RPG game, Tower of Fantasy, is finally available, allowing players to dive in and explore its all-new cyberpunk-style universe. The game has immediately been compared to Genshin Impact, and it turns out you can recreate some of miHoYo’s most iconic characters in ToF with relative ease. These custom creations have proven incredibly popular, soaring to the top of the charts in less than 24 hours.

With over three million pre-registrations and an ever-growing fanbase, Hotta Studio’s RPG game, Tower of Fantasy, looks to rival the likes of Genshin Impact with its anime graphics and smooth, fluid combat.

While the devs have acknowledged that there may be some “shortcomings” and bugs upon release, this hasn’t stopped players diving in and creating their own perfect anime representative – a feature that its rival title doesn’t offer at the moment.

Many have used Tower of Fantasy’s detailed character creator to build the wanderer of their dreams, but others have used it to flawlessly recreate some of Teyvat’s most famous faces – and they’re proving to be some of the most popular presets out there.

tower of fantasy characters genshin impact hu tao

If you load up Tower of Fantasy, click ‘Presets’ and enter the ‘Lobby’, you’ll be able to access the ‘Popularity Vote’ tab, which shows you the most popular character models.

Genshin’s Hu Tao has claimed the top spot with 20,172 likes, followed by 2B from Neir Automata, who has a measly 16,271 likes by comparison. Keqing and Bennett also feature, but they’re a little further down the list with 12710 and 7159 likes respectively.

Note that these are the current stats for North America. Several regions (we tested Europe and APAC) don’t seem to have access to the feature at the moment, but when they do it’ll be interesting to see if any other Genshin characters surge to the top of the leaderboard.

tower of fantasy geshin impact characters most popular skins

If you’re sitting waiting for the Genshin Impact 3.0 release date to be unveiled, Tower of Fantasy may just be the perfect home away from home for you. Additionally, if you’re not 100% convinced about diving in just yet, you can check out streamers playing on Twitch and earn some Tower of Fantasy Twitch drops to start your journey with a bang.