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Fan’s Valorant Oni 2.0 skins have players begging Riot for pink guns

Fan-made Valorant Oni 2.0 skins for the Vandal and Katana have got players of the multiplayer FPS in a frenzy, and they’re begging Riot for pink gun skins

A set of fan-made Valorant Oni 2.0 skins for the multiplayer game’s Vandal and Katana have been whipping up the game’s Twitter user base into a frenzy over their gorgeous designs, leading many to ask Riot to adopt the concepts for their FPS game. In addition, their pink variants have players clamouring for more pink-themed skin designs in general, something many fans feel Valorant has been lacking on the whole.

Gun skins are a huge draw for Valorant players, with many dropping large amounts of money to get their hands on exclusive paint jobs and visual overhauls. One of the more popular sets of skins from the past is the Oni collection, a set with a combination of deep red, black, and silver colouring with gold detailing, which were added to the game with July 2020’s patch 1.04. It’s long been a fan-favourite, and players are hopeful to see it make a return.

The recent Valorant patch 5.08 saw the return of Ion 2.0 skins, following in the footsteps of the bubblegum style Glitchpop, the classy Prime, and the fantasy western looking Magepunk designs in adding to their initial offerings with some fresh makeovers. One particularly creative fan named TNAVegod, who also previously designed their own skin concept for the Ion 2.0 Vandal, decided to show off their ideas for an Oni Vandal and an Oni Katana.

The skins are getting a ton of love in the responses and quote tweets, with players expressing some rather eye-opening things that they’d do to get their hands on them, but one aspect in particular has caught people’s eye. TNAVegod mentioned that their full skin bundle concept would include variants in red, pink, and white. Not long after, they took to Twitter saying that they’d had so many DMs and comments about the pink variant that they decided to showcase it, which led to an even greater outpouring of support.

Valorant pink Oni 2.0 skin concepts for the Vandal and Katana by TNAVegod on Twitter

Furthermore, this only served to reignite a long-standing call among the Valorant community for more pink weapon skins. In May, fans rallied around a movement pushing for more purchasable pink skins, as the few that do exist were primarily from old battle passes and aren’t currently available. The responses to TNAVegod’s design on Twitter speak for themselves – fans are desperate to get a little more pink in their Valorant fashion.

Riot Games devs have previously talked about the extensive design process that goes into making Valorant weapon skins, so it may not be a quick turnaround process. The good news is that if you’re a little short on funds, you might find Riot gives you free VP to make up the difference. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the next Valorant Night Market dates so you know when you can get those limited edition skins. Our Valorant tier list and collection of the best Valorant crosshair codes should help you climb the ranks in no time.