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Valorant patch 5.05 notes: you can’t report yourself anymore

Valorant patch 5.05 is pretty slim owing to the current VCT Champions tournament, but it turns out you can no longer report yourself in Riot's FPS game

Valorant patch 5.05 notes mean you can't report yourself: Agent Viper with short bobbed black hair and green and black skinsuit on Pearl map background

Valorant patch 5.05 is relatively slim in terms of content, but it turns out there was a glitch in Riot’s flagship FPS game that allowed you to report yourself. For those who are looking to punish themselves for poor plays, your luck has run out, as this bizarre bug has been fixed.

With Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 kicking off with no new Agent or map, it’s clear Riot Games are very much focusing on making sure the game is at its best – especially with VCT Champions well underway.

If you’ve stopped swooning over the all-new VCT Champions Phantom skin and all of the Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 battle pass rewards, you’ll probably be looking forward to patch 5.05. While there’s no huge updates, there’s a whole plethora of bug fixes to both the game’s core system and the social side of things.

The standout (a.k.a, the one that made us laugh the most) was an issue that was allowing players to report themselves. We’ve all had bad games, sure, but the fact that this issue has been patched implies that a lot of self-deprecating players have been making use of it. The feature is no more my bottom fragging friends; instead we’ll just have to ‘get gud.’

Valorant patch 5.05 notes mean you can't report yourself: Valorant Pearl map shows underwater setting with trees, statues, and a triangular statue in the center

Valorant patch 5.05: Full notes

Below are the full patch notes for Valorant update 5.05 courtesy of Riot Games.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to report yourself
  • Fixed an issue where some of you did not receive a notification when attempting to join a party you’ve been kicked from
  • Fixed an issue where a blank user would appear in the Social Panel when joining a party where players are in-game
  • Fixed and issue where you could not successfully report a player in Agent Select after the game has been running for 30 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where players with non-English characters in their Riot IDs could not be found via Invite by Riot ID
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Context Menu and Friend Note text fields to close when a Friend’s status updated in the Social Panel
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Party Leader’s matchmaking lobby selection to affect in-game Party Members’ status in the Social Panel


  • Fixed a bug where binding the “Home” key to an action does not work
  • For certain languages, the tooltip values of rewarded credits in Overtime Rounds was incorrect.  
    • Updated tooltip values to reflect that you will start with 5000 credits at the start of Overtime Rounds, no matter if you win or lose the previous round.

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