Vampire Survivors DLC release date set for this month

The first Vampire Survivors DLC is called Legacy of the Moonspell, and it launches December 15 with new characters, weapons, and more

Vampire Survivors DLC release date: A horde of pixelated demons surrounds a character with a blue ponytail who stands in a martial arts ready stance as magic energy vamporizes everything that gets close

It was scarcely a month ago that Vampire Survivors 1.0 arrived on our doorsteps, so it’s a bit of a shock to learn today that the first Vampire Survivors DLC has been revealed – and it’s coming out in just a couple weeks. Legacy of the Moonspell, the first expansion for the wildly popular roguelike game, will launch December 15 and add a new stage, eight new characters, new weapons, and more.

The new stage is called Mt. Moonspell and is apparently the largest level to date. It features multiple environments, which each feature their own unique sets of monsters. There’s an abandoned castle, a village infested with yokai, and a snow covered mountain – and developer poncle says that’s just the start.

Naturally, a major Vampire Survivors update is going to include a bunch of new weapons. Legacy of the Moonspell adds 13, including Silver Wind, Four Seasons, Summon Night, and Mirage Robe.

There’s a new cast of characters to unlock and meet, too. The DLC adds eight new heroes, including Miang Moonspell, Menya Moonspell, Syuuto Moonspell, and Babi-Onna – who has returned from the dead “to seek vengeance on demons and mortals alike” but has maintained her dazzling sense of style and unflappable charm.

As mentioned above, Legacy of the Moonspell comes out December 15 and will be available on Steam for $1.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

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