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Wuthering Waves PC guide - is it on Steam?

Find out if Wuthering Waves is available on Steam, and where you can find it to download on your PC if it isn't available on Valve's store.

Wuthering Waves Steam: a man with big circular earrings poses with a giant spirit dragon.

Is Wuthering Waves on Steam? The latest in a long line of anime-inspired open world gacha games is finally out, allowing players to jump into an RPG with sci-fi monsters. Developer Kuro Game has spent a long time developing this adventure, but the wait is finally over as players take on the role of Rover, a person who appeared just as the world is plunged into darkness by the invading Threnodians.

You have a few different ways to play Wuthering Waves, as it’s a free PC game that is also compatible with mobile. You may find it drains your device’s battery quickly, so it’s a good thing there are ways to play the gacha game on PC. You can even redeem Wuthering Waves codes via the in-game mail system. There are reasons why people would prefer playing on Steam, such as the potential for native Steam Deck compatibility, so here is everything you need to know.

Wuthering Waves Steam: four heroes talking in a line with their weapons drawn.

Is Wuthering Waves on Steam?

Unfortunately, Wuthering Waves is not available on Steam, meaning that it also won’t be playable on the Steam Deck natively.

To download Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to find it on the Epic Games Store or via the dedicated client on the Wuthering Waves website. To sweeten the deal, there is currently a free Echo Starter Pack on the Epic Games Store, which gives you access to some free stuff until Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT/ 4pm BST.

This was far from the only thing fans wanted to know about the new RPG game. Another common question is whether or not Wuthering Waves has controller support, even though it isn’t currently available on Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

That’s all we know about Wuthering Waves on Steam, but we have details on Wuthering Waves rerolls, such as how to unlock the summoning system. On top of that, there’s more on how Wuthering Waves events will work, as well as the current and next Wuthering Waves banners.

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