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XDefiant roadmap - upcoming factions

Everything that's coming in the XDefiant roadmap during the first year, including predictions on the new factions, and other key features.

XDefiant roadmap - an operative is firing his assault rifle in a hallway.

What is coming in the XDefiant roadmap? The XDefiant preseason has introduced the core four factions, as well as the unlockable DedSec and a whole host of cosmetics to earn via the battle pass. This introductory phase ends in July, before transitioning into scheduled seasonal content.

Luckily for us, Ubisoft has detailed everything coming to the first four seasons of XDefiant, including teases for new XDefiant factions, additional weapons to add some variety to your XDefiant loadout, and several new XDefiant maps to jump into. Let’s take a closer look at the XDefiant roadmap to see what’s coming to the game later this year.

The XDefiant roadmap for the game's first year.

XDefiant Year 1 roadmap

Every XDefiant season lasts for three months, with the first beginning on July 2. Each season heralds in a new faction along with three new XDefiant weapons, three maps, and an XDefiant battle pass with 90 tiers of rewards.

Most of this information comes from the official XDefiant blog. While it’s impossible to know the weapons and maps ahead of time, we have four codenames for the upcoming factions: Ruby, Buzz, Orchard, and Horde. The XDefiant community on Reddit has since been trying to predict the new teams, with the most likely options being Rainbow Six Siege Operators, Far Cry New Dawn Highwaymen, Assassins from Assassin’s Creed, and the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghosts.

In addition to the seasonal content, XDefiant is set to receive balance updates, two game modes known as Arena and Progression, as well as practice zones and objectives for new players. Also planned is support for esports tournaments with caster cams, private matches, and a dedicated rank mode.

And that’s everything in the XDefiant roadmap and its first year of updates. If you’re finding that you can’t get into a game, you may wish to check the XDefiant server status. If Ubisoft’s shooter doesn’t quite grab you, there are plenty of options in our recommendations for the best free PC games, including the ever-popular Call of Duty Warzone and many more.