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Best Zenless Zone Zero Ben build

Zenless Zone Zero's Ben Bigger might be the bright and brilliant bear from Belobog, but, with the best build, he can also be a brute in battle.

Best Ben Zenless Zone Zero build: Ben, a big grey bear in a white Gi with a scar over one eye.

What is the best ZZZ Ben build? Ben Bigger is a brawny bear who works for Belobog Industries, but can also be a brilliant buddy in a brawl. OK, I can’t keep going with the alliteration, but we can’t resist a little bit – we are talking about Zenless Zone Zero, after all.

Wordplay aside, according to Zenless Zone Zero lore, Ben is an accountant by trade, but this smart bear also wields some serious power when it comes to taking on foes in the anime game – particularly Belobog competition. Packing a punch with both Physical and Fire damage, this gigantic ZZZ character is most proficient in HP and defense, so we’ve built the best Zenless Zone Zero Ben build around those stats.

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Best ZZZ Ben build

The best Zenless Zone Zero Ben build is:

  • W-Engine:
    • Steam Oven (A-tier) or Big Cylinder (A-tier)
  • Disk Drives:
    • Ecstatic Punk (two-piece set)
    • Fanged Metal (two-piece set)
    • Inferno Metal (two-piece set)

Best ZZZ Ben W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
Big Cylinder Damage taken is reduced by 15%. After being attacked, the next attack to hit an enemy will always crit and deals 600% of defense as additional damage. This effect can be triggered once every 7.5 seconds.
Steam Oven EX Special Attacks dead additional damage equal to 800% of defense. This effect can only be triggered once every eight seconds.

Ben is quite slow in battle, but where this big bear excels is in his defense and HP. With that in mind, the Big Cylinder or Steam Oven are the best ZZZ W-Engines to consider for your Ben build, thanks to their increased damage based on the user’s defense stat. 600% to 800% of Ben’s defense is an incredible damage buff.

Given Ben’s slow and clunky movement, his ability to dodge is perhaps not up to the same standard as his teammates. Thankfully, the Big Cylinder W-Engine uses this to his advantage, making his next attack after taking damage an automatic crit, dealing 600% of his defense stat as additional damage. Thanks to Ben’s high HP and the fact that Big Cylinder also reduces damage taken by 15% every eight seconds, this Belobog accountant can take a hit, so he’s perfectly positioned to use Big Cylinder to its full potential.

If you don’t have Big Cylinder available, the Steam Oven W-Engine makes a great alternative for the best Ben build. Dealing a whopping 800% additional damage equal to Ben’s defense, the Steam Oven allows you to make a serious dent in the opponent’s HP. The only reason Steam Oven doesn’t quite top Big Cylinder in this build is that Steam Oven only triggers for Ben’s Ex Special Attack, which has its own significant cooldown.

That said, many of Ben’s talents also buff his EX Special Attacks, and the bear has the highest base Energy regen of any ZZZ character, so once you’ve fully leveled him up and unlocked all of his talents, you might want to switch to the Steam Oven over the Big Cylinder.

The Ecstatic Punk Disk Drive, part of the best Ben Build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best ZZZ Ben Disk Drives

Disk Drives Effects
 Ecstatic Punk +16% defense
 Fanged Metal +12% Physical damage
 Inferno Metal +10% Fire damage

Rather than choosing a four-piece set of Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drives, we’ve gone for three separate two-piece sets for this Ben build. First off, Infernal Metal increases fire damage by 10%, since Ben is first and foremost a damage dealer. As a Fire Attribute user, many of Ben’s attacks deal Fire damage. That said, a lot of Ben’s other skills deal Physical damage, including his basic attack and Special Attack, so we’re also adding Fanged Metal for a 12% increase to Physical damage.

For Ben’s final two-piece Disk Drive set, we’ve selected Ecstatic Punk for a 16% increase to defense. Whichever of the above W-Engines you choose, the effect is based on Ben’s total defense, so any increase to this already strong stat is beneficial to this build.

Each Disk Drive comes with its own random base stat as well, so if you have duplicates of any of the above and aren’t sure which to use, be sure to check which stat each boosts. For Ben, prioritize any disks that buff crit rate, as this is a good improvement for any character, or defense, again stacking the benefits of your build’s W-Engine.

With this Ben build ready to go, find out where our favorite Belobog bear resides in our Zenless Zone Zero tier list and which other characters to keep an eye out for when pulling from the latest ZZZ banners. To be in with a better chance of getting the best characters, make sure you’ve redeemed all the latest Zenless Zone Zero codes for Film, Dennies, and more valuable in-game currency.