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Best Zenless Zone Zero team comps

Here are the best Zenless Zone Zero team comps for free-to-play and premium characters, so you can beat story commissions and Hollow Zero with ease.

Zenless Zone Zero team comp: Ben, Anton, and Koleda gather around on a construction site, surrounded by Safetyboo as they chat.

What are the best Zenless Zone Zero team comps? You won’t get very far surfing the Inter-Knot on your lonesome, so it’s important to take a team of hard-hitting agents with you on your commissions. However, you might find that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to team comps, and there are only so many level-up materials to go around. We’ve tested a variety of team comps during the ZZZ beta period to bring you the best options ahead of launch.

Our selection of the best ZZZ team comps includes free-to-play ‘starter’ units, as well as premium characters exclusive to Zenless Zone Zero banners. We’ve tested these team comps in the Zenless Zone Zero beta, so it’s worth bearing in mind that the action-adventure game could be subject to rebalancing between now and the Zenless Zone Zero release date. We’ll be sure to update according to any changes, but don’t forget to check out our Zenless Zone Zero tier list to keep up to date with the best agents.

Zenless Zone Zero team comps

Broadly speaking, the best Zenless Zone Zero team comps typically consist of a Daze applicator with high DEF (Defence) to tank hits, a burst DPS (damage-per-second) to consistently chain into, and a support DPS that can inflict crowd-control or status effects. We also recommend opting for at least one single-target and AoE (area-of-effect) damage dealer, so you can respond to all situations.

Many of the best team comps also gain unique buffs when paired with certain Zenless Zone Zero Bangboos, while others benefit from synergies and unique passive abilities from their teammates.

Here are the best Zenless Zone Zero team comps:

  • Anby, Nicole, Billy
  • Koleda, Ben, Grace
  • Rina, Grace, Anby
  • Lycaon, Soukaku, Ellen

Zenless Zone Zero team comps: Anby, Nicole, and Billy as they appear on the character selection screen.

Anby, Nicole, Billy

The Cunning Hares might be the ‘starter’ ZZZ team comp, but don’t let that color your impression of their performance. This enterprising trio is a perfect team comp for anyone finding their feet in the anime game. Billy and Nicole are excellent at controlling crowds – simply draw waves of enemies into Nicole’s energy field and let loose with Billy’s AoE-oriented kit. Don’t forget to invest in Nicole’s Ether attribute to take advantage of Corruption – turning enemies against one another gives you a decent amount of breathing room to reposition, especially in the middle of a crowd. Be sure to outfit this team comp with Amillion, a Bangboo that increases the crit damage of all Cunning Hare agents by a whopping 56%.

Zenless Zone Zero team comps: Koleda, Ben, and Grace as they appear on the character selection screen.

Koleda, Ben, Grace

The Belobog Industries crew is another ‘pre-built’ Zenless Zone Zero team comp that shouldn’t be overlooked. Naturally, with two S-Ranks onboard this comp is bound to pack a punch, but Ben holds his own thanks to his unique synergy with Koleda. He’s also capable of soaking up damage from the heaviest hitters, as well as assisting Koleda in triggering widespread Burn thanks to his Contractual Agreement passive ability. Belobog Industries agents also benefit from their own faction-specific Bangboo. Safetyboo increases the PEN (Penetration) Ratio of all characters in this team comp by 35%, which is a boon for Grace in particular.

Zenless Zone Zero team comps: Rina, Grace, and Anby as they appear on the character selection screen.

Rina, Grace, Anby

Rina and Grace are excellent Shock applicators, though this team is perfectly viable with Anton if you’re short an S-Rank unit. While they’re both relatively robust units with decent base DEF stats, both Rina and Grace lack the Impact necessary to rack up Daze. Consequently, we recommend finishing this team off with Anby for a mono-Electric composition that ensures you’re inflicting Shock at a consistent rate. Anby’s Parallel Connection passive ability also grants her a burst of energy regeneration after a Dodge Counter, allowing her to reach her ultimate even faster.

Zenless Zone Zero team comps: Lycaon, Soukaku, and Ellen as they appear on the character selection screen.

Lycaon, Soukaku, Ellen

Ice is one of the most powerful attribute anomaly effects in Zenless Zone Zero. Not only does it temporarily immobilize enemies, but it also delivers a powerful hit of burst damage once the effect has run its course. Consequently, this mono-Ice team comp is perfect for premium players who’d rather pile on the pressure without worrying about dodging enemy attacks. Lycaon is the primary Daze applicator in this comp, though you can also trigger chains via Soukaku’s Fly the Flag ability to segue into Ellen’s devastating Avalanche. Ellen also benefits from this ZZZ team comp thanks to her Rising Storm passive, which grants her attribute damage buffs and allows her to stack Flash Freeze when initiating her EX Special Attack.

Those are the best Zenless Zone Zero team comps that we’ve discovered thus far, though you can be sure that more will be added to our list following the 1.0 update. Get a headstart on unlocking the premium units in each team comp with Zenless Zone Zero codes, which can grant free Zenless Zone Zero Film. Naturally, all team comps perform at their best when each agent is equipped with the best Zenless Zone Zero weapons and Zenless Zone Zero Disk Drives, so be sure to keep up to speed on those while you’re at it.