This Among Us Minecraft totem is very sus

Among Us sneaks into Minecraft with cool skins and more

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Among Us has now lurked its way into just about every videogame community around, and, naturally, this has resulted in plenty of fan-created content. I mean, we’ve already seen the social deduction game recreated in 3D in Unreal Engine 4 with ray tracing – how on earth do you top that?

Well, the Minecraft community has been hard at work doing its bit by putting out Among Us skins and the like, but we’ve now been graced with a very sus Among Us Minecraft totem. This simple retexture turns any totems of undying you may find into a mini crewmember. These totems are handy items that allow you to cheat death, provided that you have one equipped in your hand prior to the fatal blow, explosion, etc.

The cutesy results have proved popular over on the ol’ Minecraft subreddit, with the post approaching 40k upvotes at the time of writing. As neat as it is, you have to be rocking Minecraft Java to set it up correctly.

Here’s creator MrpNerf2004’s Reddit post:

I made an Among Us totem for my Texture pack from r/Minecraft

With Among Us 2 having been declared dead, developer InnerSloth is now free to add some great new content to the original game, including accessibility features, alternate voting modes, and more. However, you need to get into the Among Us beta to test the latest additions.

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