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All Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mysterious Shards locations and rewards

The AC Mirage Mysterious Shards are the key to revealing the oasis chamber’s secrets and completing The Calling, so here are all their locations and rewards.

Nehal, who gives Basim the mission The Calling, which tasks him with retrieving the AC Mirage Mysterious Shards.

Where are the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Mysterious Shards? These rare collectibles are carried by elite members of the Order and are a key component of ‘The Calling’ mission. They can be used to claim some of the best equipment in Ubisoft’s stealth game, though collecting them all involves tracking them down across Baghdad and beyond.

After reuniting with Nehal in Anbar during the ‘Old Wounds’ AC Mirage mission, Basim is directed to an oasis north of the ‘Aqarquf Dunes. The hidden chamber connected to the AC Mirage Mysterious Shards is located under the oasis itself – simply dive down and follow the underground tunnel to reach your destination in the action-adventure game. However, it is possible to collect Mysterious Shards in Assassin’s Creed Mirage prior to finding the chamber itself, so feel free to head to their locations before returning to collect your rewards

Basim stands before one of the plinths that contain the AC Mirage Mysterious Shards.

AC Mirage Mysterious Shards locations

AC Mirage Mysterious Shards are carried by the Tha’abeen that patrol the major areas of Baghdad. There are ten Mysterious Shards in total, and their exact positions can be located by using Enkidu. We’ve included their locations on the maps below

A map of Baghdad including the locations of all the AC Mirage Mysterious Shards in its various districts,


Eight AC Mirage Mysterious Shards can be located within Baghdad itself. There are two in Harbiyah, two in Abbasiyah, and two in Karkh.

A map of the northern Wilderness including the location of the AC Mirage Mysterious Shard.


The two remaining AC Mirage Mysterious Shards can be found in the Wilderness – one in the north on the outskirts of Anbar, and one in the south on the outskirts of Jarjaraya.

A map of the southern Wilderness including the location of the AC Mirage Mysterious Shard.

You can retrieve the AC Mirage Mysterious Shards either by pickpocketing or assassinating your target. The Tha’abeen tend to patrol out in the open with a retinue of guards, so it’s highly likely you’ll need to reduce your Assassin’s Creed Mirage notoriety after you dispatch them and collect the Mysterious Shard.

Milad's Outfit as it appears in the inventory after claiming it as a reward using AC Mirage Mysterious Shards.

AC Mirage mysterious shards rewards

AC Mirage Mysterious Shards can be inserted into three plinths, which unlock some of the best Assassin’s Creed Mirage weapons and outfits in the action-adventure game. Each requires a different number of shards before it unlocks its corresponding reward, so you might wish to save up your shards to claim a particular reward earlier than usual.

The AC Mirage Mysterious Shards rewards are:

Reward Effect Cost
The Samsaama (Dagger) Life Steal – Every fifth hit heals Basim for 10% of his health. Two Mysterious Shards
Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar (Sword) Blood Price – Maximum health is lowered by 50% but damage is increased by 50%. Three Mysterious Shards
Milad’s Outfit (Armor) Forgotten Terror – Successful air assassinations set off a flesh of lightning to disorient bystanders within a 15 meter radius. Five Mysterious Shards

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