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X-rated Baldur’s Gate 3 bug lets you see a little too much of Astarion

If Astarion dumped you in Baldur's Gate 3, well, you're not alone, but if you're determined to get your own back, you'll love this new BG3 bug.

X-rated Baldur’s Gate 3 bug lets you see a little too much of Astarion: A pale, attractive man with white hair wearing a white cloth shirt pretends to be shocked with pink blush on his face

I, like many foolish mortals, chose to romance Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3. He’s insufferable and he’s manipulative, but he does that annoying little ‘yes?’ when you greet him at camp that just destroys you (and by you I mean, well, me). If you were dumped by the RPG game‘s most coveted companion, then I have good news for you: a new Baldur’s Gate 3 bug lets you see, erm, see parts of him you would only see if you followed our Baldur’s Gate Astarion guide to the letter.

I’ve seen the Twitter discourse around Astarion, friends, I know each and every one of you has dreamt about that sassy little vampire boy on at least one occasion. You grovel, you plead, and you do everything he asks, and yet he still decides to dump you – if it was anyone else, I’d be considering murder.

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But not Astarion, oh charming Astarion. Now, you can have the upper hand over the most frustrating Baldur’s Gate 3 companion ever, and it’s all thanks to a bug that has gained notoriety in the wake of of Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 2.

If you chose to [REDACTED BECAUSE SPOILERS] and acquire Astarion’s Vampire Ascendant powers, they outline his shadow in a deep, blood red. At the moment, though, one player has spotted that it actually outlines a little more than that, going off of his naked base model instead of his clothed one. Yes, you can see Astarion’s junk without having to romance him. You’re welcome.

A man on a black background in armor with a red aura around him showing off his imposed on a city backgroundgenitals

I’m pretty sure this one will get patched out relatively soon, but for now, at least you’re getting back at him a little bit for using you and then dumping you like a hot potato – and you are a hot potato, friend, don’t listen to the nasty vampire man.

Hell hath no fury like an adventurer scorned, though, so if you’d rather check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 Halsin guide, I don’t blame you. Alternatively, if you aren’t feeling vindictive, we have a list of all of the Baldur’s Gate 3 quests you’ll want to do, as well as all of the Baldur’s Gate 3 classes that you can chose from in-game.