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Baldur’s Gate 3 video suggests long rests hide twerking and threesomes

This Baldur's Gate 3 fan animation reveals just what goes on at camp, with drinking contests, threesomes, twerking Intellect Devourers, and more.

Baldur's Gate 3's Astorion looking passionately into a bear's eyes.

Have you ever wondered what goes on during Baldur’s Gate 3‘s long rests? Does Larian Studios really expect me to believe that after a hard day of slaughter, my RPG game companions just chill out next to their respective tents? This tongue-in-cheek fan animation reveals just what they get up to before they hit the sack.

Whatever happened to Us? You know, the walking brain – sorry, ‘Intellect Devourer,’ – that you can liberate on board Baldur’s Gate 3’s Nautiloid? Yanking it out of someone’s skull may be ethically questionable, but it’s just so cute, with its ridges and four bony little legs. But once the ship crashes, you never see it again.

Now, this fantastic Baldur’s Gate 3 fan cartoon has provided the answer. As confirmed by animator Chimaru, they regularly drop by your camp, drunkenly twerking and waggling their lobes around. But that’s not all that’s happening when you settle down for a long rest.

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I’m not about to spoil all the shenanigans but, just for starters, ‘Long Rest’ has Halsin and Astarion launching into a colossal drinking contest while Shadowheart and Laezel pair up.

Let’s face it, there’s so much tension here that you could cut it with a dagger.  And when save scumming is the only thing keeping you alive, you sure as hell want to celebrate your survival.

Halsin, by the way, can independently wobble his pecs, which, as far as I’m concerned, is now 100% canon. And if anyone feels like modding Dancing Withers into the game, alongside Twerking Us, go right ahead.

You can find the rest of Chimaru’s animations here, including If Yu Gi Oh was made by EA, which is worryingly believable.

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