How to save Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3

The BG3 Save Sazza quest is one you might stumble across in the earlier sections of Larian's mammoth RPG - but just how do you pull this off?

BG3 Sazza is imprisoned in a cage

How do you save Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3? This goblin raider has been captured by the Tieflings and is being held prisoner. However, she does have a proposition for you, one that can help you reach the inner recesses of the goblin army’s base of operations. It’s your decision whether you want to go through with this act or not.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with choices such as these, leading to alternate outcomes and increased reactivity among whichever of the classes  or races you choose. It’s no wonder we considered it an “instant RPG classic” in our review. The poor goblin will be wondering where you are though, so without further ado here’s how to save Sazza in BG3.


How to Save Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Save Sazza quest involves freeing her from her cage, and then meeting her in the Goblin Camp. Here’s a quick summary of what’s led to this point:

  • Sazza is imprisoned by Tiefling guards, and you need to pass a dialogue check to make them back off.
  • If you decide to free her, you need to take a hidden path to exit the Druid Grove.
  • Upon reaching the Goblin Camp, Sazza will be the one to talk to NPCs so you can pass.
  • Sazza will lead you to her commander, the drow Paladin Minthara.

BG3 save Sazza: The player stands in front of a tiefling guard to defend Sazza

How to free Sazza from her prison

You can save Sazza by heading to the back corner of the Druid Grove (X:188; Y:589). You’ll see a Tiefling with her crossbow pointed at Sazza, and you’ll need to follow these steps to free her:

  • Step between the crossbow and the goblin.
  • You need to pass dialogue checks for Intimidation, Persuasion, or Insight (this is dependent on your class).
  • After the two Tieflings leave, attack the cage door until it’s destroyed.
  • Once Sazza is freed, tell her that you’ll escort her out of the Druid Grove.

Note that if you’re playing as a Paladin and you let the guard execute Sazza, this may cause you to break your oath. This also unlocks the hidden Oathbreaker subclass. You can learn more in our Paladin class and build guide.

BG3 Save Sazza: The party looks at a stone door that leads to a secret passageway.

How to exit the Druid Grove via the secret passage

You can’t leave the Druid Grove normally since you just freed a prisoner. Instead, you need to check the cliffside area past the cage. You should be able to jump on the ledges and enter via the stone door.

You’ll find yourself in a cavern, which also has several goblins. They won’t like the idea of Sazza joining you, so you have to take them out. While you’re here, you also need to watch out for Guardian Statues that fire beams. You can disable them by pressing the runes on the walls. Likewise, once you’ve eliminated the hostiles, you can cast a healing spell on the fallen refugee to revive him.

BG3 save Sazza: The group heads to the Goblin Camp, with Sazza guiding them.

Where to meet Sazza in the Goblin Camp

Once you’ve exited the cave, Sazza will tell you to meet her at the Goblin Camp. The location is further west of the Blighted Village, just across the canyon (X:-58; Y:363).

Because Sazza is with you, the camp guards will let you pass. You should then continue following her through the double doors leading deeper into the Shattered Sanctum fortress. Sazza will vouch for you again when another guard stops you.

Note that this section is somewhat different if you didn’t save Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll be stopped by several guards, and you need to pass Deception or Intimidation checks. Alternatively, you can use your Illithid Wisdom mind control power, but only once per long rest. Failure to do so would cause hostilities to break out, and you may have to fight your way through.

BG3 Save Sazza: Sazza reports back to her commander, the drow Minthara.

How to deal with Minthara

In the north-eastern section of the Shattered Sanctum, Sazza will introduce you to Minthara, the Drow Paladin and one of the leaders of the goblin army. During the early access period, there’s a sequence where Minthara attempts to have Sazza executed for her ineptitude. However, we didn’t encounter this at all in the release build. Perhaps we didn’t have the requirement, or this segment was just changed as time went on.

Minthara recognizes you as a True Soul. She then proposes a plan: infiltrate the Druid Grove, and ally with her army to kill everyone in it.

This decision has major ramifications for the rest of the campaign. For instance, agreeing to the plan allows you to recruit Minthara as a companion (and, yes, you even get to romance her). Unfortunately, this also causes other party members, such as Wyll and Karlach, to leave forever. The archdruid Halsin won’t even bother joining your cause at all, and you’ll never see him again.

In any case, this is everything you need to know about how to save Sazza in Baldur’s Gate 3. A simple decision early on could save you a lot of headaches when trying to infiltrate the Goblin Camp.

Since you’re already in the Shattered Sanctum, you don’t have to agree to Minthara’s plan immediately (you can betray her when you return to the Druid Grove). And, since you can explore the area in peace, you might as well find and rescue Halsin. Since the initial steps take place in the Druid Grove, you might as well tackle side quests, such as how to help Pandirna and where to find your belongings if the pesky Tiefling children steal and hide them.