BattleBit update lays out big plans for its future

The team behind BattleBit Remastered has offered a massive update on the FPS game's future, saying it won't drop the game no matter what happens.

BattleBit update: all the details of incoming additions to multiplayer FPS BattleBit.

BattleBit has come out of the gate swinging, as the Battlefield-like FPS game of massive scale has been a colossal hit on Steam. With that success come high expectations, and the team behind BattleBit knows it, so they’ve laid out exactly what we can expect going forward.

Since its release mere weeks ago, BattleBit Remastered has already become one of the biggest games on Steam, overtaking its clear inspiration in EA’s Battlefront series. The Steam Early Access game still has a ways to go though, and the team has committed to improving the game.

“With your help, we’ll continue to improve, expand, and polish the experience that you have in front of you today. This will remain true whether or not we maintain this level of popularity, so have no concerns about us ‘dropping’ the game. That was never an option!” The BattleBit team says in a Steam update.

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There were a few DDoS attacks during BattleBit’s opening weeks, but the team notes it was prepared, and that it wants to focus on taking action against cheaters, although the BattleBit anti-cheat is potentially bad for Steam Deck players.

As far as future plans go, the BattleBit team wants to “Recruit a team that specializes in detecting cheats and weeding out possible cheaters. (We have other long-term plans for non-rage cheaters but will announce them later on),” along with many other improvements.

There’ll be more bug fixes and quality of life improvements, new weapons, gadgets, maps, remakes of maps, new game modes, and even community BattleBit servers. These servers will have “dedicated game modes, maps, and tweaked game mode rules based on the admin’s preference.”

BattleBit update lays out big plans for its future

With plenty of BattleBit codes for you to get your hands on and an array of BattleBit guns to choose from, Steam’s new big FPS certainly offers a lot already, but there’s more still to come.

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