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Pete Hines says Bethesda (actually) are releasing an unannounced game this year

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Update, September 9th: In a bizarre rebuttal of his previous rebuttal, Bethesda VP Pete Hines has stated that his previous statement dismissing the rumors of a new Bethesda release was intended in jest.

Working through this double negative, we're pretty sure that we're back to feverishly anticipating Bethesda's next announcement, whatever it may be.

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Update, September 7th: So, it turns out that maybe that new game won't be coming out this year after all, as Peter Hines has tweeted some clarification.

If Bethesda are working on something new, it won't be coming out this year. Hines has tweeted implying that he didn't mean what he said in his interview.

As it turns out, we should all "ignore" what Hines said in the interview discussed below. He's since tweeted to say that he was "rambling."


What that probably means is one of three things. The first, and arguably most likely, is that he wasn't supposed to say any of this. The second is that the game won't be coming out as soon as Hines suggested. The third, and definitely least likely, is that there is no upcoming project at all, but it seems odd that the vice president of a major publisher would invent an entire new project off the top of his head. I guess we'll wait and see.

Original story, September 7: Bethesda are working on a new, unannounced game that's due to be released this year. In an interview with Tek Syndicate at PAX West, the company's vice president Pete Hines said his team are working on something new, but they haven't told anyone about it yet.

In the interview, which you can watch above, Hines is talking over the plethora of Bethesda games that were available to play at the conference, including VR versions of Skyrim, Doom, and Fallout 4, as well as Wolfenstein 2 and Quake Champions.

Starting at around 2:45, Hines says “we have a tonne of stuff going on,” before going on to say “we even have a game coming out this year that we haven’t even told anyone about yet.”

That’s more or less all Hines would say on the matter, and the video gives the impression he realises he’s already said too much. It’s not even completely clear whether “this year” means 2017, or the next 12 months. The latter is more realistic, but in recent years Bethesda have left pretty short gaps between announcement and release - Wolfenstein 2, for example, is due for release on October 27, just four-and-a-half months after it was first announced at this year’s E3.

What this mystery game could actually be is also completely unclear, with Hines unwilling to say whether or not it’s a new IP. He does say it’s a full game, so he’s probably not referring to any expansions or DLC. Our money is on some kind of new, online IP. It’s almost definitely not the next Elder Scrolls game, though; when we asked Hines about it at Quakecon last month, he said The Elder Scrolls 6 wasn’t coming “any time soon.”

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Anakhoresis avatar
Anakhoresis Avatar
6 Months ago

More PR weirdness by Bethesda. You should do a follow up article in like 10 years asking Hines what the intended purpose was. I almost feel at this point that he uses the "Any news is good news" method of generating discussion.

Anakhoresis Avatar
6 Months ago

Well shoot. Guess I didn't have to wait 10 years.