A trailer teasing Lilith, Claptrap, and Tiny Tina can only be for Borderlands 3, surely? | PCGamesN

A trailer teasing Lilith, Claptrap, and Tiny Tina can only be for Borderlands 3, surely?

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Gearbox has just released another new teaser ahead of its showing at PAX East, and if it’s not for Borderlands 3, I’ll eat my hat. The new trailer comes ahead of a showing at the conference due to take place tomorrow, during which the company is expected to announce multiple upcoming projects.

After all these teases, I’m not even willing to entertain the possibility that Gearbox isn’t going to announce Borderlands 3. While the trailer might not actually give a name to the game it’s showing off, it feels so glaringly obvious that I’m just going to break down what I think it tells us about a new trip to Pandora.

Set to appropriate amounts of bass, the trailer opens on the Borderlands logo, before panning down to a winged female figure and a man wielding a massive gun. Beneath them are two massive Psychos, and a horde of prostrate figures who appear to be praying. I’m going to say that these two figures are likely to be the game’s antagonists, and I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re a brother and sister who have formed a dangerous cult which you’ll be working to take down. Those wings also suggest to me that the female figure is a Siren, much like previous characters Lilith and Maya.

Panning out, those figures reappear, really showing off their excessively pointy hair, and on the woman’s massive collar, you can see a Claptrap unit in a battle with a skag. After that, we get our first look at the characters who are likely to be the game’s first four classes. A bearded gentleman is first up, whose long gun might make him a sniper, followed by a robotic figure. In the vehicle beneath them (likely revealing the return of the Catch-A-Ride system), there’s a woman who could be another Siren, and the group is rounded out by a helmeted woman off to the side of the car.

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After that, we move onto a very different trio. Brick and Mordecai, who appeared as playable characters in Borderlands and NPCs in Borderlands 2, are definitely there, but they’re joined by a female figure. That’s definitely Tiny Tina, who’ll be all grown-up in the new game.

Other recurring characters in the trailer include Sir Hammerlock and no-nonsense mechanic Ellie, and the video ends on another winged woman, who this time I’m almost sure is Lilith, which would round out that previous group nicely. There are a few other characters who I don’t recognise – potentially NPCs in the new game – but I imagine their roles will become clear later on.

The trailer ends on an image of a Psycho mask, and the phrase “mayhem is coming,” accompanied by the address of the Borderlands website, but there’s no concrete info, let alone a Borderlands 3 release date. As mentioned above, you can probably expect an official announcement tomorrow, so make sure to check out Gearbox’s livestream from 18:00 GMT (14:00 EST, 11:00 PST).