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CoD Black Ops 6 release date, story, and new trailers

With the Black Ops 6 release date mere months away, we've prepared a deep dive into the latest Call of Duty adventure from Treyarch.

Black Ops 6 release date: a soldier sits in a relaxed way; their eys have been redacted.

What is the Black Ops 6 release date? There is a sizable portion of the Call of Duty fandom that rejoices whenever a new Black Ops game is on the horizon; the more cerebral branch of the first-person shooter not only brings best-in-class multiplayer gameplay but also a renewed focus on the single-player story. Black Ops isn’t afraid to push the limits of Call of Duty, and going from early reveals, the newest entry is looking to go beyond anything we’ve seen before.

You can usually set your clock to a Call of Duty release, and it looks like this year will be no different. The to and fro of CoD brands sees us froing to Black Ops this year, and back in time if the teasers are to be believed – although not as far as previous installments. We’ve collected all the information available on the FPS game, including the newest Black Ops 6 trailers.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 6 release date

Black Ops 6 is set for release on Friday, October 25, 2024. This was confirmed in the Black Ops 6 Direct showcase which aired in June. 


The game is being developed by Treyarch and Raven Software, and is described as a “spy action thriller” set in the early 1990s. It will be released for all platforms, and will be the first Call of Duty game to ever hit Game Pass on day one.

Despite being a fictional story, it’s entrenched in real-world events, politics, frictions, and features leaders from the era. Early access returns too, for those that preorder the game.

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Black Ops 6 trailers

There have been several teaser trailers released so far, each giving snippets of the story, and setting the tone of what we can expect. It’s a nostalgic affair, with glimpses of 90s advertisements and even a quick shot of Bill Clinton playing the saxophone – the rumors of Call of Duty delving into the Gulf War appear to be true.

The teaser trailer released on May 28 shows us many world leaders (or a close approximation of them, anyway) telling us that everything we’ve been fed so far is a lie, that our lives have been a lie. The teaser wraps up with Saddam Hussain spouting “Nothing is what it seems. But if it’s truth you seek… look in the dark.” Very exciting.

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A Black Ops 6 direct aired in June 2024 which gave us the release date and plenty more information on the next in the Call of Duty series. The 25-minute showcase showed off new maps, new movement systems, new enemy damage system, and more of the story in a campaign deep dive. The showcase included an additional gameplay reveal trailer to demonstrate the above in further detail.

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Black Ops 6 story

Black Ops 6 will be set in the early 1990s and is based on real-world history. The main campaign will see the US government infiltrated and loyal soldiers are branded as traitors. They’ll need to go undercover to tackle the impending threat. It’ll be a fairly open campaign, and players can make choices along the way that impact the way it plays out. There are mysteries to be solved too, adding dimension to what has historically been a fairly linear experience. From what we’ve seen in the Black Ops showcase, it looks like you’ll need to equip weapons, gadgets, and good old-fashioned trickery to progress in the story.

Frank Woods, the familiar face from previous Black Ops games, is back. Teased in Warzone, his return was confirmed in the showcase in June, and he’ll be dealing with a strange conspiracy unfolding within the government.

Mission types will be varied, with multiple options in each playthrough. You can barter your way through certain situations or choose to full send it, aggressively battering your way through challenging combat. Either option is just as valid as its counterpart, meaning you can really play Black Ops 6 in your own personal style.

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Black Ops 6 movement and gameplay changes

We’ve also learned that a new movement system, known as Omnimovement, is being introduced to allow a full range of movement, increase immersion, and add creativity to combat scenarios. Animations are promised to be more realistic and dynamic, with the slightest of flicks or controller adjustments registering in the game.

New systems are also being introduced which will track exactly where you hit enemies and the way in which that damages them. Please help us when we set foot in multiplayer on day one – this could change everything.

The prestige system that we know and love is being revamped, and Treyarch hopes that this will allow for easier progression. Zombies mode will also return with new maps and new zombies. Black Ops 6 will also require a continuous internet connection, even when you’re just playing the campaign mode. This is because the game utilizes texture streaming, which allows for the highest quality graphics and reduces the storage space the game requires on your hard drive. Having said that, the Black Ops 6 install size is still a massive 309.85GB. It’s unclear whether that’s just Black Ops 6 itself, or all of the components of the Call of Duty HQ platform.

That’s everything we know about Call of Duty Black Ops 6 right now. In the meantime, we have the best Warzone guns and information on the new Warzone season so you can continue to dominate from now until the newest release.